Adam King

I am Adam King, the Founder, Owner, President and CEO of THE KING SOURCE!

I hail from and reside in a small City in Idaho called Idaho Falls. Got the name after the absolutely GORGEOUS Falls built into the Snake River. Idaho Falls is not its original name. That was Eagle Rock!

Idaho Falls is a destination without limitation | Group Tour magazine

I am a avid Athlete, Musician, Mechanic, computer tech, ETC. and now Sports Writer! I also own my own website and such.

I grew up in an umpire family on my Mom’s side and Attorney Family on my Dad’s.

I became a pro Umpire/Ref/Official only to have to retire prematurely due to a concussion. (My bro became a lawyer. HAHAHA)

FYI: I am now fully healed from the concussion. No lasting effects outside speech impediment and very, VERY slight memory issues.

I work from home on my business and love every minute of it. Yes even when the trolls try to attack me! HAHAHA

I have merch in my store. Just check the shopping tab. Lots of great lines to choose from.



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