What’s With LBJ Flat Out Insulting The Jazz and the State of Utah?

Earlier today Lebron James took the most unnecessary, rude, just plain nasty shot at the Utah Jazz, State of Utah, Utah Citizens and All Jazz Fans. Take a look:

Also this:


This could not be more rude of LBJ wanted it to be!

Why take this completely unnecessary shot that only infuriates millions of people?

Andy Larsen is correct! The Jazz Fans getting mad as all get out is only justified right now!

This only goes to prove all the more the NBA is 100% against the Jazz. 100% rigging games against the Jazz.

Its not just Jazz fans either. Fans of other teams are calling it out as well:

This is a fan of another team calling LBJ out for his crap.

I used to be as big of a LBJ fan as they got! The moment he joined the Fakers that all changed though! I lost all res[pect for hhim and the NBA forcing the top scorer in NBA history to again be a Faker! More rigging!

This is a major, MAJOR issue the NBA must deal with ASAP! The League simply cannot have players mocking Teams, Cities, and States.

If I was Utah Jazz and Western Conference All Star Team Head Coach Quinn Snyder I would Bench LBJ! Refuse to play him! Make a statement!

This kind of mockery of a team is inexcusable!

DEAL WITH IT ASAP NBA! Everyone now knows how rigged this crap you call the NBA is!

This should light a fire under Jazz players buts and get them to destroy the league the rest of the way!








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