Who the Miami Dolphins are Eyeing in the 2021 NFL Draft:

Now the the NFL has ended with yet another blatantly rigged SB lets take a look ahead at who the Dolphins are eyeing in the 2021 NFL draft!

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As you can see the Dolphins have 19 picks and as such they will do all kinds of things in the 2021 draft.

With the #3 pick the full industry expectation is Alabama WR Devanta Smith.

The 6’2″ 180 pound Smith has Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa’s full endorsement. They we’re college teammates after all.

Not just that but Tua said Smith’s light weight skinny size will not hurt him in the NFL.

With the #18 pick(2nd in the 1st round) the Dolphins are 100% eyeing Alabama RB Najee Harris.

The story for this draft is loading up around Tua to give him the best path for success.

The Dolphins are going to sign MULTIPLE RECIEVES and at least 1 RB as well don’t get me wrong BUT… they will also add weapons in the draft.

Getting Bama guys that Tua is familiar with is gargantuan for Tua. Its going to happen. Keep an eye on Jaylen Waddle if he falls to the Dolphins #3 pick in the 2nd round.

The names to watch in the 2nd round for the Dolphins are:

  1. 6’8″ 358 pound OL Brady Christensen – BYU
  2. WR Jaylen Waddle – BAMA
  3. LB Nick Bolton – MISSOU
  4. C Wyatt Davis – OSU
  5. S Jevon Holland – UO
  6. DL Christian Barmore – BAMA


The Dolphins will be doing different things from the 2nd round on.

Look for some trades, both up and down AFTER THE 1ST ROUND.

Some sleepers the Dolphins have scouted are 6’0″ BYU SLOT WR Dax Milne, 6’6″ BYU TE Matt Bushman, 6’6″ BYU NT Khyris Tonga, and many others.

Once the draft gets to the later rounds the Dolphins will start looking for the best talent available and best fits!

The Dolphins are checking everywhere for the right players that fit what they are doing.

Its going to be a very fun draft so stay alert the whole draft.








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