So the other day I gave Yankees OF Clint Frazier the chance to tell his story in his own words.


Anyways due to this I exposed, or rather got everyone to expose themselves.

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You see the exposure and publicity web website got was monumental. I got over 1 million hits in 1 day alone.


This was huge. No I did not for a second know if the guy being an absolute ass hat and tricking me was real or not.


However… I decided to share the article with said interview in it to expose him one way or another. I knew I would get confirmation one way or another.

I am not stupid. Those that really know me know how truly educated I am. I have training is so many different things. More then the average person by far to the point my IQ is around 160.

My biggest issue is scoliosis I have had since I was young.

The 2 car wrecks that should’ve killed me made it all the more worse. They actually made it so I cannot have a normal job and thus why I started my own website business, podcast, and ETC!

That said I am furious at how I was treated yesterday. No one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, deserves what I got! ABSLUTELY NO ONE! You should all be 100% ashamed of your selves!

No one has the right to make fun of, harass, belittle or do ANYTHING TO ANYONE NO MATTER WHAT! PERIOD!

You all laughed at me but its your bad not mine! I made a mistake. WHO REALLY CARES? I WILL MOVE ON! Now it’s your turn!

That said… Let it be known I forgive everyone for it. Including Clint Frazier who attacked me over this and did nothing close to right in this situation.

Its beside the fact no player knows each and every person working for their agents and let alone agency as big as the one representing Clint Frazier. Absolutely, a major, major error here by Clint Frazier.

The best way for him to have handled it is to have privately messaged me and then helped me press charges against the troll for defamation on him, HIS AGENTS, and then my website!

That being said I will hold nothing against him. Or anyone. You all exposed yourselves for who you are! You exposed your selves for being little, insecure, childish, ETC! Laugh at me! I. DO. NOT. CARE!

All it does is show on you guys, on how immature, insecure in yourselves, and ETC YOU ARE! It exposes you!

Everything is a learning experience for me and others. Its part of life!

Fore example, wanna be sports agent, Rachel Luba has a vendetta against me for no reason at all! Its not my fault she is a stuck up witch, hell bent on hating everyone who crosses her in any way!

That’s 100% on her! She’s the one tat needs to repent of that! There’s a reason she only represents players with a rep if being the bad guys in baseball.

I wish her the best but a track record is a track record! It speaks extremely loudly on her!

Now if you read this far, I would like to point out, HOW ARE YOU NOT AMAZED HOW EASILY I GET PLAYERS AND AGENTS TO TALK TO, AND/OR REACT TO ME?

Who else could pull that off? Tell me? I’M WAITING!

Anyways… I will move on, grow my brand and make large sums of $$ while all you trolls will stay poor and such.

I will build up, make new connections with baseball, football, and basketball peeps in the biz. I learn from everything!

I will grow and learn everyday no matter what! Its part of life.

If any of you had lived even close to as hard a life as me you would never thinking about mocking me, making fun of me, ETC!

You don’t know what its like to dream about being a baseball star but have a body that literally cannot do it.

You don’t know what’s its like to be abused day in and day out by your own DAD your whole life growing up! WITH NO REPERCUSSIONS!

You don’t know what it’s like to survive a stroke, Cancer, the worst possible concussion per the MD’s that treated me, and come out ok. With no lingering mental issues other than a speech impediment.

It’s harder the you could ever imagine!

I had to teach myself to talk, walk, play the piano, organ, sing, and do just about everything else again that I used to take for granted again, and to do it again without even thinking about it.

To top this all off I somehow survived falling in the most deadly river in the USA, which kills more people every year then any other river in the USA, the Snake River in Idaho, my home state…

…and yet I miraculously pulled myself out.

I was 4 at the time.

To this day I struggle to go into lakes, the ocean, and swimming pools. Its called aquaphobia! (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH HYDROPHOBIA WHICH ANIMALS GET) You have no clue how tormenting and such this is…

You have never been on death’s door 7, YES SEVEN times only to survive and live on.

I love life and will always live it to the fullest! That’s who I am. All I can do is learn from my past and use to build my future!

Let this prove to you that you can never tell who another person is, who they really are, what they have been through. What has molded them through their life.

I exposed you for the jerks and rats you are. I exposed a troll who will get his comeuppance.

Now, through my kindness and generosity, I will give you a chance to pay it back and make it up.

Not many and if anyone does this BUT…

If any of you would like to help me, a physically disabled man living with and taking care of his 67 year old widowed mom, you may donate whatever $ figure you feel is right, to my cashapp:


Its the least you can do for what you have put me through!

I will live on and look for the best in everything and everyone! Heck I even gained 100’s of followers on both my twitter accounts. An added bonus.


I love all people and understand no one is perfect! May you all learn from this and learn to never attack anyone when only knowing an fraction of the story!

I have a mission in this life. I am still learning it. I will continue to learn it for the rest of my life.

To all who read this, move on and be better!








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