Why are 80% of Jazz Players Heights DEAD WRONG On the Major Sports Websites?

As I was looking to see if the newest Jazz Man Ersan Ilyosova was on the Jazz roster I noticed both ESPN and CBS Sports have the Jazz Player heights WAY, WAY off… WHY? What’s the point?

Just check out ESPN’s bogus player heughs for the  Jazz:

And here’s CBS  SPORTS identical BS heights:


Here’s the Jazz Players REAL Heights taken straight from the preseason measurements, their college or country teams, and ETC:

  1. C Udoka Azubuike     –      7’1.1″
  2. PG Mike Conley      –         6’2.8″
  3. G Jordan Clarkson    –       6’5.4″
  4. PF Jarrell Brantley     –      6’8.9″
  5. SF Bojan Bogdanovic    –  6’8.8″
  6. F/C Derek Favors       –     6.11.25″
  7. PF Ersan Ilyosova     –      7’0.2″
  8. G Trent Forrest           –     6’5.3″
  9. C Rudy Gobert         –       7’2.3″
  10. G/F Elijah Hughes       –    6’7.1″
  11. G/F Joe Ingles         –        6’8.2″
  12. G Donovan Mitchell    –     6’3.1″
  13. F Juwan Morgan       –       6’8.9″
  14. G/F Gorges Nieng    –       6’8.8″
  15. G/F Royce O’Neale    –     6’7.9″
  16. G Miye Oni            –          6’6.5″

So what’s the point in underselling almost every Jazz players heights? This is beyond suspicious!

There’s no justification for any of these!

Rudy listed shorted then Anthony Davis who he TOWERS OVER on the floor every time they meet? This is Criminal!

Same with Favors listed as the same height (6’8″ HOW?) as LBJ whom he is VISIBLY SEVERAL INCHES TALLER THEN when they are on the floor together!

This seems to be a epidemic in sports BOTH WAYS!

Both Kevin Love (Listed at 6’10” when he’s only truly 6’8.1″) and Kevin Durrant (Listed at 7’0″ when he’s BARELY 6’10”) are listed FAR taller then they really are.

Why are sports websites playing these games? Give me one good reason? YOU CANNOT!

Its not just in the NBA either. Its all sports! They put players heights where they want them NOT where they are!

Just look at Andrew Velasquez in the Yankees system who is just over 6’0″ tall yet for some inexplicable reason listed at 5’9″…

What is with this? What’s really gong on here?

I don’t think well ever know but its some form of sabotage! That much I know!








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