The Redskins Getting a New Name? Has Me Thinking…

So Yesterday 2 major companies with ties to the Redskins formally and quite nicely asked the Washington Redskins to change their name.

2017 Washington Redskins season - Wikipedia

Fedex who owns the naming rights to FedEx field where the Redskins play:

And Nike who creates their jerseys and sports memorabilia:

As such this has had me, a member of Cherokee nation (My 2nd great Grandma was adopted by a white family from the Pennsylvania Cherokee tribe) really thinking here.

I have never liked and even hated the Redskins due to their name and ugly logo. Just my personal opinion.

Does a name change really need to happen though?

The racist Democrats say yes to push their evil agenda. The GOP is leaning that way as its never been a good name or logo.

Ian Rapoport adds a name change is very likely as I have heard as well:

Let me be clear SUCH CHANGES ARE NOT JUST FOR THE REDSKINS! The Redskins are by no means the only team I have been told. Even Colleges. BUT… Here’s a list of other teams on the chopping block:

  1. Cleveland Indians
  2. FSU Seminoles
  3. Atlanta Braves
  4. UofU Utes
  5. Kansas City Chiefs
  6. ETC, ETC, ETC

As with almost all in this list from Wikipedia showi9ng ho9w many native American themed names there are.

Any and all Native American Tribe associated names are about to get the boot. Just the changes being forced.

Again should such changes be forced as is what’s happening? I answer with it can’t be stopped as the evil left is that strong. Whether its good or bad it can’t be stopped.

I called me tribe and talked with a tribal leader who told me in no uncertain terms, they are in favor of removing all Native American names, logo’s, likenesses, ETC from Pro Sports. As such I must be in favor of it as well.

So my answer is yes! CHange them all. It needs to be done. NOt for reasons of racism BUT… for reasons of protecting the tribes and ending any thoughts the teams are in favor or affiliated with such tribes.

Here’s my suggestions for the new name for the Redskins:

  1. Redbirds
  2. Redhawks
  3. Something new and original with the word Red in it. Like Senators.
  4. The perfect name. An animal. Can’t go wrong there.

Let us choose good names for these pro sports teams, schools, ETC. The UofU already has one to change to. Red Rocks.

Get it done. Let’s change these names. erts get away from wrongful associations. Let’s get these names changed ASAP.








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