The Dolphins Mike Gesicki Conundrum

There are several reports out saying Mike Gesicki does not fit Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel’s offensive system. I have to ask WHY?

HOW DOES HE NOT FIT IT? We are talking about the same offensive system in which a nearly identical player in George Kittle THRIVES IN for the 49ers!

He does fit it if they would actually use him as they did this past game, a win over the Lions (3 catches for 38 yards and a TD).

The issue is not fit. Its working him into the same role Kittle has in San Francisco.

He is an incredibly weapon when used right! The Dolphins are not using him right to this point outside this past game.


If I were McDaniel who is the Dolphins play caller, I would call plays designed to get Gesicki open for easy catches. This would actually help out Waddle and Hill tremendously as well!

By doing this you keep offenses off balance knowing the pass could go to him just as easy as Hill or Waddle.

It also stops any attempt to double team ANY Dolphins player. You can’t double team all 3. Just not possible.

To be a great offensive play caller you have to mix it up. Adding a 3rd weapon like this to regular play calling really, REALLY opens things up! Can even open the run up with the extra guy to worry about!

Example: You call a deep out rout for Hill, yet on the same play have Waddle running short on the other side and Gesicki 15 years down the middle. Looks like a play for Hill but you have 2 other options if open.

Another example: You call the naked boot with the RPO for Tua. You again let Gesicki leak down the middle. If the defense isn’t alert, distracted by Tua running, Gesicki gets wide open for a 10+ yard gain.

There’s way to do it. You can even die RB passes to find Gesicki for big plays.

Gesicki is a great, not perfect, BUT GREAT FIT for McDaniel’s offense.

Just look at this goal line play where they used his size for their advantage:

Genius play call there. THE PLAY CALL GOT HIM OPEN DOWN THE MIDDLE and used his big frame to make sure ONLY GESICKI could get that ball!!

Its not rocket science! ITS CIMPLE PLAY CALLING!

Again I do not get this Gesicki is not fit crap. Straight BS!








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