Analysing the Yankees 60 Game Shortened Season Schedule:

The Yankees schedule was released today as with the rest of baseball. Lets take a look at it and then give new Yankees and AL East record predictions.


Here’s a look at the Yankees 2020 Schedule:

As I review it here is what I noticed:

Against the Red Sox: 7 of the 10 games against the Red Sox are in Yankee Stadium (That’s what they get for cheating! HA HA HA). That’s a projected 8-2 record at worst right there.

Against the Rays: 6 of 10 are in Yankee Stadium. That’s a projected 7-3 mark there.

Against the O’s: only 4 of the 10 at home BUT… the O’s are the worst team in the game as such that’s a projected 9-1 mark.

Against the Jays: 7 of 10 are in toronto. That’s a projected 6-4 mark. Yankees always play well in Toronto but the Jays are tough.

All added together the Yankees will have a 30-10 mark against the AL East alone.

For the 20 games against NL East Opponents its even home and road and 10 apiece.

Against the Braves: 2 at home and 2 in Atlanta. I will go 3-1 and Cole is going both and Paxton in 1.

Against the Mets: 6. 3 in each borough. I will go 4-2 Yankees take the series. A 5-1 Yankees record would not surprise me though.

3 against the Nats: Games in DC, The Nats never start fast, so I will go 2-1.

4 Against the Phillies: with 2 in NY and 2 in Philly. I will go 3-1 Yankees.

3 Against the Marlins: in Miami. Easy 3-0. HAHAHA

That’s 15-5 against the NL East. I combine that with the AL East and get a 45-15 record.

As for the Rest of the Al East.

The Blue Jays Schedule plays out to about 33-27.

The Rays to 31-21. Hardest among the AL East teams.

The Red Sox to 19-41. Yes they project that bad minus Sale, Price, Betts, ETC.

The O’s project to 17-43.

Here’s the standings:

  1. Yankees 45-15 –
  2. Blue Jays 33-27 12
  3. Rays 31-29 14
  4. Red Sox 19-41 26
  5. O’s 17-43 28

As you can see it’s a runaway. The schedule sets up perfectly for the Yankees.

A 50 win season is possible if they get really hot. I still stick with my prediction.

#28 (World Series Title) is coming Yankees fans!








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