Juan Soto to the Yankees? More Likely Then You Think BUT NOT ON THE PROPSED BRAIN DEAD TRADE’S!

As the Padres continue to plummet out of contention, its becoming more and more apparent they will be trading OF Juan Soto and LHP Blake Snell.

The team at the forefront of these talks AT THE MOMENT AND WILL BE THROUGH THE TRADE DEADLINE, is the New York Yankees.

As such brain dead idiots have been guessing at what the trade will look like and failing so bad its laughable. Here’s one of them:


The Padres (NO TEAM FOR THAT MATTER) want nothing to do with Wells as he has no set defensive position. He will not be traded anywhere. Also its going to be 6 for 2 not 4 for 2 here.

None of the Yankees top 5 LEFTY POWER HITTING PROSPECTS WILL BE TRADED ACTUALLY! THEY ARE UNTOUCHABLE due to the Yankees cancerous lefty power hitting shortage! They are:

  1. OF Jasson Dominguez
  2. OF Spencer Jones
  3. INF Trey Sweeney
  4. 1B TJ Rumfield
  5. C/1B/OF/DH Austin Wells

Take this into account when proposing ANY TRADE! These guys are as untouchable as they come.

There’s also the fact whomever created this afore mentioned BRAIN DEAD trade idea did not take into account the PADRES NEEDS!

The Padres need RIGHT HANDED HITTING corner OF’s, P’s 1B, and C.

Take this into account when proposing a trade of any kind here.

I checked around and was told the Yankees and Padres are in trade talks around Snell and Soto and have discussed several players but none of the afore mention LEFT BOPPING prospects.

In fact here’s what I was told the Padres have demanded and what the Yankees have yet to say no too:

C Josh Breaux, EITHER INF Oswald Peraza or Anthony Volpe, OF Everson Pereira, RHP Randy Vasquez, RHP Clark Schmidt, and 1B Tyler Hardman in exchange for Blake Snell and Juan Soto.

Again no deal is close yet but the Yankees again never rejected it.

Notice its all Padres needs here and players that obviously have no future with the Yankees adding incentive for the Yankees.

Now as I always say surprises can happen everywhere when talking about trade’s. Torres could be used to keep Peraza and Volpe for one. Deivi Garcia or Jhony Brito could be involved for another.


That said yes the Yankees are heavily involved here and by far the most likely landing spot for Snell and Soto.

Very few other teams in contention even have a need for Soto actually. The Dodgers whom the Padres are never trading with, and the Rays who never make such trades and are not in the talks are the other 2.

Think about it when creating trade idea’s and PLEASE, PLEASE stay realistic! Stop putting guys in trade’s either the Yankees are never trading or the other team wants no part of!

Stay sane my friends!




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