What do the Yankees do for their #5 Rotation Spot?

WOW… Montas heading for surgery! I talk more about it here:

With this now being known, where do the Yankees turn?

Internal options? THERE ARE NONE! Yes they have RHP’s Deivi Garcia, Domingo German, Clarke Schmidt, Luis Medina, and a few others but NONE OF THEM have shown anything at the MLB level for some time!

They also have RHP Clayton Beeter but he is not coming till 2024 and more of a reliever.

If they hadn’t traded for Montas, they’d still have Ken Waldichuk and JP Sears. OR WOULD THEY? They were both RULE 5 ELIGIBLE and both would’ve been taken.

Thus it appears at this point ONLY EXTERNAL OPTIONS WILL DO!

So who is available then?

Well the Atlanta Braves keep pissing off their ACE and it continued today with this:

He could be available then so the Braves can save face. Trade him for a good package so you don’t lose him for nothing!

Remember when I tweeted this?

This hasn’t changed and may be the case even more.

There’s other options. Over pay for a Marlins or Brewers pitcher? Not Cashman or the Yankees style!

Then we have RHP TREVOR BAUER who is sitting in FREE AGENCY and will only cost Veteran’s minimum. See the picture? I have to ask how long the Yankees can ignore him at the VETERANS MINIMUM price tag?

Should be interesting to see where the Yankees go from here with the #5 Rotation spot no?








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