Why I Am Not Concerned About Bojan Bogdanovic!

As Jazz star Forward Bojan Bogdanovic continues to struggle I am not at all concerned. Here’s why:

About 7 years ago I suffered a Non-Displaced Dislocation of my right wrist. Now I am abitrextrious but shoot in basketball more right handed then left. I dribble slightly better right handed as well.

As such I know EXACTLY what Bojan is going through right now.

I struggled to shoot be basketball for 3 years even after it was fully healed. Dribbling took even longer.

You see as the wrist heals it tightens making the player have to relearn to shoot and dribble and pass. Only about 25% as much as staring from anew.

The same thing happens YET AGAIN once stretching out the wrist and playing with it over so many games re-loosens the wrist to where it was before.

This is where Bogey is now.

He is going to struggle the rest of this year but be fine in the end. He will get used to shooting very soon but dribbling will take a while.

Be patient with him as the Jazz coaches, players, and I hope front office are.

He will get back to normal. He will regain his form.

While he may struggle for the next while, he’s a veteran and will adjust and such. give him time.

I remember trying t return to normal after my wrist injury and how it drove me crazy. I struggled with it for years. Bogy has a far, FAR better cast around him including a tops in the word rehab team helping him so keep that in mind as well.

Again… I am not worried about him in the least bit.

Lets take a death breath. Relax and let Bogey do this thing. He is working every day to get fully healthy and back into the swing of things.

He’s getting better lately. He is. Just trust him and the Jazz to get right!








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