Just a few minutes ago Sports Illustrated announced the BIG 12 is discussing adding BYU and Notre Dame to increase the strength of their schedule this year.

BYU to the Big 12? A synthesis of 26 articles published in the ...

As such the question must be asked how long would it be for?

Here’s the article explaining it:

I called the BIG 12 and asked and was told for BYU it would absolutely be permanent. For ND temporary just to get a 12th team and longer schedule.

BSU is also being discussed but they are in a conference so far harder to work out there.

BYU would also be Football only for this year and we’ll see from there. With how good the Basketball program is doing I would be stunned if the BIG12 did not want them as well.

The high ranking BIG 12 official I talked to told me the BIG 12 is really concerned with having enough games with only 10 members and a conference nonly schedule.

I can see the nissue. A 9 game schedule would not work. Wo0uld not be tough enough to get that CFP spot they so desperately covit.

HOWEVER… adding BYU and ND takes it to 11 games and a far tougher strength of schedule. Take the BIG 12 to being on par with the other P5 conference’s.

It makes perfect sense. The BIG 12 has no reason not to add BYU now. The only question is ND following them? Your guess is as good as mine. Signs point to yes though…