How to FIX the Yankees for Next Season and NO ITIS NOT REBUILDNG!

The Yankees are a complete mess due to several things but mostly due to having to literal cancers on the team. How do the Yankees get fixed?

1st lets define what a team cancer is: A cancer is a person involved with the franchise, who is hurting the team more then any help he is giving! Its not just players FYI!

So who are the cancers to the Yankees?

  1. Brett Gardner
  2. Analytics nerds
  3. Andrew Heaney
  6. Aaron Boone
  7. Marcus Thames
  8. Tyler Wade
  9. Gleyber Torres
  10. Gio Urshela (YES HE IS THIS YEAR)
  11. Luke Voit (Due to injury history)
  12. Zack Britton
  13. Kyle Higashioka
  14. A few others

As you can see all the way to ownership is cancer to the Yankees. I knew before the Yankees hired Boone any manager could get the Yankees to 100+ wins. ANY MANAGER! Boone can’t even do that any more due to the cancers around him and Boone being a cancer to the Yankees himself.

The 1st thing that must happen to fix the Yankees is Hal Stienbrenner selling the team! This is mandatory!

2nd hire a real manager like Buck Showalter. Then let the real manager find real batting and pitching coaches. Blake was ok but the pitchers keep having literally impossible melt downs including COLE HIMSELF!

Next is bringing in real players while DFAing/trading the cancer players ASAP!

Star this process by DFAing Wade, Gardner, Heaney, ETC ASAP! Then trading Britton, Frazier, Andujar, Gio, Torres, Voit, ETC to the highest bidders.

Extend Anthony Rizzo ASAP. Extend Sanchez, Judge, Gallo, as ell ASAP!

Sign Corey Seager to play SS. Sign his Brother Kyle Seager to play 3B!

Trade for LHP Josh Hader

Sign Robbie Ray for the Rotation. Both help out your own rotation and hurt the Jays.

Trade Aaron Hicks in a package for disgruntled star Bryce Harper who wats out of Philly! Remember Harper is a power hitting LEFT HANDED BAT that hits for average! Then make Judge the every day CF with the other 3 rotation between the corner OF spots and DH.

Add true relivers over aging vets. Stephen Ridings is one who 100% should be in the BIGS.

Here’s the new Yankees roster after necessary moves:


  1. 2B DJ LeMahieu (R)
  2. LF Bryce Harper (L)
  3. CF Aaron Judge (R)
  4. 1B Anthony Rizzo (L)
  5. RF Giancarlo Stanton (R)
  6. DH Joey Gallo (L)
  7. C Gary Sanchez (R)
  8. SS Corey Seager (L)
  9. 3B Kyle Seager (L)

This adds all kinds of lefty pop to the Yankees and returns them to glory days lefty dominance! The Yankees have to learn to build to their own stadiums strengths!’


C Rob Brantley

OF Estevan Florial

INF Andrew Velasquez

INF Chris Gittens

This is where the Yankees save $$ with cheap call ups. I do see Higashioka getting traded as several teams want him as their starting catcher. I an unsure who replaces him as the backup and went with whom I feel is most likely.


  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. LHP Robbie Ray
  3. RHP Luis Severino
  4. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  5. RHP Luis Gil

A very deep dominant rotation! I can easily see Kluber getting resigned. Ray makes perfect sense.


  1. CP: LHP Aroldis Chapman
  2. SU1: RHP Johnny Loaisiga
  3. SU2: LHP Josh Hader
  4. MR1: RHP Clay Holmes
  5. MR2: LHP Zack Britton (I just can’t see him traded)
  6. MR3: RHP Stephen Ridings
  7. MR4: RHP Michael King
  8. LR1: LHP Nestor Cortes (No I did not forget about him)

A deep and excellent Pen! I know Lucas Luetge is very, VERY likely to be back. Yankees also have to decide on Peralta and Rodriguez.

However you look at it the Yankees have simple easy ways to retool and fix this team. They could sign a few cheap vets for bench options or bullpen options. They desperately need that 2nd ACE so RAY is a absolute must!

There’s the right way and wrong way to fix these Yankees! Hal, Levine and ETC have bene doing it the dead wrong way!








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