Take Aways From the Boone and Cashman Presser

The Yankees Manager Aaron Boone and GM Brian Cashman just finished their presser.

Here are the takeaways to be alert to while keeping in mind anyone jumping to the conclusion this will be the same team in 2023 and 2022 is lying to themselves. CAHSMAN MADE IT CLEAR CHANGE IS COMING when he stated:

“No player without a NO TRADE CLAUSE is safe until opening day! Anything and everything is on the table there!”

Keep this close in mind!

Now lets note Boone was extremely careful with every answer so as not to leak ANYTHING! This was quite odd. Thus we will take little to nothing from him.

Why though?

My only guess is he knows deals are done but is ordered not to leak them.

2nd is the Yankees 1st move of the offseason is already done as the Yankees have exercised the team option on RHP Luis Severino. I fully expect an extension done at some point this offseason.

Next Cashman made it clear the plan is to resign OF Andrew Benintendi, OF Aaron Judge, and 1B Anthony Rizzo and do it very quickly in the offseason.

Very interesting stuff.

Cashman then said this: “We would like to retain the guys we want to retain very quickly so we know what we are dealing with.”

This is very, VERY important. 1 is already done. Judge, Rizzo, and Benny should happen very quickly.

So what happens after that? THIS:


This is a gigantic point! This means the Yankees are looking at everything.

Cashman also made the point to say they are assessing every FA on the market and every player they believe is available in trade.

This is HUGE! The Yankees have a clear plan to get better and are going to put it in place!

Cashman also said they will look at every player and whether to keep them or not saying changes are coming. Players will be let go and others added form outside the organization.

Trades? FA SIGNINGS? MEGA FA SIGNINGS? ALL ON THE TABLE PER CAHSMAN HIMSELF! He made it clear they will look at everything!

The plan is in place and clear to them.

Do they do it right though? This remains to be seen!

Again my takeaways form this presser is the clear plan to keep Judge, Benintendi, and Rizzo, while adding necessary pieces to fix any hole needed. The Yankees are more then open to replace any player wit a better one viz any means necessary!

Finally Cashman called out Hal BIGTIME saying all moves go through him! I am stunned more Yankees fans didn’t pick up on this one! Great, GREAT moment to end this presser!








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