Hal, Cashman, and Boone Presser Wrap Up and Breakdown:

So over the last 20 hours Hal Steinbrenner, Aaron Boone, and Brian Cashman had the season wrap up and offseason outlook Press Conferences. Lets dive in and break them down:

Breaking down issues Yankees must deal with this offseason

Lets starts with Boone’s Presser. His what short and to the point.

The Yankees 100% want DJ LeMahieu back and will do what it takes to keep him. Hal and Cashman said the same when asked.

Boone also said He is the one calling the on field shots and doing the lineup cards and such. BRIAN CASHMAN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

Hal Confirmed Boone’s option has already been exercised. He’s back for 2021 AT LEAST! Hal then said changes are coming. Cashman has questions to answer and moves to make.

However Cashman is going nowhere so stop that now!

Cashman and Boone said they are very concerned how bad Torres has been at SS and left the door wide open on changes. Cashman confirmed he will be after Lindor as well:

That is bad, BAD news for Torres! WOW! He just basically guaranteed the Francisco Lindor trade!

As for going after RHP Trevor Bauer Cashman said they will evaluate ALL AVENUE’S FOR UPGRADING THE ROTATION:

That tells me the Yankees are 100% going after RHP Trevor Bauer and LHP Robbie Ray then filling out from within. Maybe keeping a close eye on the trade market.

Cashman and Hal both loved Aroldis Chapman and the job he has done but said that won’t stop them from upgrading the Bullpen. Same with Zack Britton! They 100% hope he is back!

Cashman said they will discuss all weaknesses and address hem. INCLUDING SANCHEZ!

Hal said he’s open to changes at Catcher as did Cashman and Boone while still expressing confidence in Sanchez and his abilities.

Hal is pissed! Cashman is pissed! Cashman also confirmed HE IS NOT THE ONE CALLING THE IN GAME SHOTS OR ORDEING BOONE AROUND AT ALL! Lets stop that false narrative now!

Going off everything said over the last 2 days here’s what is going to happen this offseason in the Bronx:

  1. The Yankees are 100% taking their best shot at acquiring SS Francisco Lindor in a trade and extension!
  2. The Yankees are 100% going after RHP Trevor Bauer. They are 100% making him a great offer!
  3. The Yankees are addressing the catching situation. They will talk to J.T. Realmuto in FA and etc. Sanchez could easily be back at C in 2021 or traded.
  4. The Yankees are 100% addressing the bullpen. They will again try for LHP Josh Hader, try and sign RHP Liam Hendricks and etc.
  5. OF Brett Gardner, LHP J.A Happ, RHP Masahiro Tanaka, LHP James Paxton, etc. are 100% gone. Hal himself said about Brett Gardner: “I don’t see how he fits in going forward. Clint(Frazier) has been good enough to take that job going forward.” The Yankees are looking to save $$ everywhere.
  6. The Yankees are 100% looking for more contact bats like Michael Brantley. Hal is demanding consistency and balance in the lineup for next year!

Keep in mind the Yankees just had $118.8 Million fall off the books. So they make these moves while lowering payroll:

Extend DJ for $15 Million per.

Acquire and extend Francisco Lindor. He’s due $18.6 Million next year.

Sign Trevor Bauer for the $23.5 Million per he is projected to get.

Sign Liam Hendricks for the $14 Million per he is projected to get.

Sign Michael Brantley for the $12 Million per he is projected to get.

Trade for Josh Hader for = $ value as he’s only getting $5.7 Million next year.

The Yankees payroll is currently at $121 Million after all the contracts fell off. You add in the $83 Million in contracts above and it only gets barely above $200 Million.

IF THAT depending who goes to Cleveland for Lindor.

The Yankees are in a very powerful spot with all kinds of $$ to spend. This is going to be one fun offseason to watch. MOVE ARE GOING TO BE MADE AND CHANGES WILL HAPPEN FAST!








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