I Have No Patience for Fans Who Do Not Follow Proper Conduct Behaviors! Be human people!

More and more I am seeing fans running onto fields and doing things they should never do such as throw things at players. This has no place in this world or sports.

I have zero respect for such actions! They are just plain childish and low.

Just the other day a YANKEES fan threw a baseball at Red Sox OF Alex Verdugo. Completely uncalled for no matter the situation!

I must ask myself and all who read this WHY? What did that fan have to gain other then a 1st degree felony assault charge and being banned from all MLB stadiums? Yes this fan was banned and if facing such a charge:

While he was a Mets fan and not a Yankees fan the punishments had to happen.

Are people this immature as to pull such crap with no thought of the consequences? There’s 2 sides to all such coins. Every action has a equal and opposite reaction as a wise man once said.

his is not even the 1st time something like this  has happened either! Just a few years ago a REDSOX fan drilled Giancarlo Stanton with his HR ball he had just hit:


So what is the issue? What keeps causing this? WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?

Well public pressure is what he fan is claiming. With some fans there backing him up oddly enough. I still am unsure about this one.

Numerous times we have seen fans running on to fields or courts for no good reason but to disrupt the game. We even saw one fan pretend to play a ref in an attempt to steal a ball at a UCLA game:

So then what are the real issues behind this childish behavior?

Its the carnal mind. Its exciting. Its being caught in the moment and not thinking about the future and such.

A former Bishop of mine had a statement in his office that speaks to this very thing:

“Don’t sacrifice what you need most in the long run for what you want or feel you need at the moment!”

This is so freakin true! In my own life I have realized certain things to not matter when I go after my most special, precious endeavor of finding a wife and the mother of my kids.

So as we look at this childish behavior we have to realize its the carnal, natural, human mind taking over. Its people that stop thinking for some reason and emoting. Nothing god has ever come from emoting.

A major part is parents need to do a better job raising their kids. Yes this is a parental issue showing in a major place.

Another major part is kids just not being taught boundaries, and right from wrong.

No matter the issue it must stop. It never helps anything!




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