What to Expect From the Yankees this Trade Deadline

As we move even closer to the trade deadline we have some more info on what to expect. Lets discuss.

1st our friend JoezMcFly got us some info directly from Cashman. Take a look:

This means you need to expect small moves or nothing till July 14th(The day after the draft). After that be very alert as its no holds barred.

I caution everyone as there could be moves out of nowhere as well as the MLB averages one big too major move every may and every June. Sometimes more.

What we all have to keep in mind is teams are always talking and working on things.

For the Yankees especially look for the deals that will not cost a ton or very much at all.

OF/INF Joey Gallo is one as Dan Federico mentioned earlier today:

Notice the package predicted is nowhere near as big as was expected.

As such a package in the area of Medina, Dunn, and a few lower level prospects get this one done.

KEEP AN EXTREMELY CLOSE EYE ON THIS ONE AS IT REEKS CLASSIC CASHMAN MOVE! Both due to the low price tag and the desperate need for a lefty power bat!

INF Trevor Story is another one. 

Due to being a FA in a few months and such his price tag is plummeting every day he gets closer to the trade deadline the Rockies have absolutely zero leverage for this trade. As such he will have a cheap price tag.

Per Ken Rosenthal all it would take to get Trevor Story is a few prospects with 1 being top level. Say Peraza and 2 lower level guys for example.

Remember, the Rockies have absolutely no leverage here due to how close he is to FA. They have to trade him ASAP to get max value back. They are in a pickle for sure!


When talking Yankees trade’s you must keep Brian Cashman’s thinking close in mind.

He always tries for the lower price tags.

He always looks for the bargains and those his staff think are great gets. Both Story and Gallo are at the top of Cashman’s list.

Here’s another such name to keep in mind for this reason is…

RHP Luis Castillo

He is having a terrible year so its the perfect time to pounce on him and fix him back onto the ACE he is. Keep this close in mind peeps. This also reeks of a classic Cashman move.

A name I would keep in mid though I do not actually see traded is…

RHP Max Scherzer

His high price tag and the Nationals determination to make him their 1st ever HOFer complicates things here immensely. I don’t see how this trade happens with Scherzer’s still being owed $22 Million this year. Just a crazy contract for a 36 year old.

The last point now that I must make is…


Just like with Luke Voit, Mike Tauchman, ETC. ETC. ETC. Cashman is know to pull trades out of his hat. Out of nowhere.

I am fully expecting this again. Remember the Yankees want MULTIPLE Lefty power bats! I fully expect Joey Gallo to be one of them and the surprise move to be the other.

Also pay attention for the out of nowhere move to keep division rivals from getting players they don’t want there. That always happens as well. Jamison Taillon is one of them!








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