Opening Day At Last! The Sites, The Sounds, What everyone Needed!

The latest time evr for opening day but its what everyone needed. A Yankees win against one of the best pitchers in the game and the defending WS champions. A Dodgers win against a TERRIBLE Giants team and what their struggling to get it means.

Opening day amid virus: Masks, empty parks, social justice – KBJR

The Yankees beat Max Scherzer and his defending Champion Nationals 4-1 behind ACE RHP Garrit Coles Complete game 1 hitter. Yeah it was only 5 IP but it does count. If only he had kept that one fly ball in the yard… HAHAHA

DH Giancarlo Stanton had the game winning 2 run bomb.

RF Aaron Judge added a RBI double while going 2-3.

2B Tyler Wade looked great.

1B Luke Voit started a rally in the 6th with a leadoff walk, then 3B Gio Urshella ripped a single to left center field, which put Scherzer on the brink of getting chased.

Then Manfred had show up and get Mother nature to end it with a nasty tornado warned supercell thunderstorm.

The bad part was Gardner doing absolutely nothing. 0-3 and looking every part a washed up 37 year old the Yankees are 100% wasting $$ and a roster spot on. He left 5 men on and screwed the Yankees out of 4+ runs. He got a -2 WAR.

As such the Yankees are talking about replacing him in the lineup with Frazier or Tauchman. More then likely Frazier.

This is not the only change coming for game 2.

DJ LeMahieu should be joining the lineup for Saturday’s game. Depends how he does in today’s simulated game.

As such a lineup like this on Saturday would not surprise me at all:

1. 2B D.J. LeMahieu

2. RF Aaron Judge

3. SS Gleyber Torres

4. DH Giancarlo Stanton

5. 1B Mike Ford

6. C Gary Sanchez

7. LF Clint Frazier

8. CF Aaron Hicks

9. 3B Gio Urshella

Stephen Strasburg is starting so I can see Ford getting in the lineup as well. I could even see Tauchman in LF instead of Frazier for the lefty righty matchup on Strasburg.

Change is coming to the Yankees lineup though.

In the other game The Dodgers beat the Giants 8-1 BUT… they struggled mightily against a terrible RHP Johnny Cueto. Betts went 0-3 against him and 1-4 on the day.

Kiki Hernandez had a ok day and drove in a few runs.

Kershaw was scratched and IL’d, Dustin May was recalled and started before falling apart in the 4th and 5th innings but managed to only allow 1 run. Yes that’s how bnad the Giants are.

The Dodgers had better play far better or they won’t win the division as the Padres are a contender for at least a WC. If the Dodgers play better than just a wild card.

Finally we got more proof of how rigged the WAR stat is.

Yankees DH.OF Giancarlo Stanton had the game winning HR and thus by the rules of WAR has to have AT LEAST a 1 WAR but only got a 0.2.

Kiki Hernandez who had very little impact on the outcome of the game impossibly, I MEAN LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE DUE OT THE RULES OF WAR a 0.3. He cannot have a WAR period by RULE.

Just a rigged stat that must go ASAP with all metrics! Metrics are ruining the most beautiful game ever created…

Baseball needed to be back. There was never a reason to shut it down to begin with. People need this. Baseball fans and players need this. Its so good having america’s game and a tuer icon of america back!








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