BIG 12 Expansion is Coming and BYU is a Lock folks! Pac 12 Expansion MAY be Coming as Well…

BIG 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby just dropped a bomb confirming that BIG 12 expansion is coming and BYU is a lock to the point they may already have a offer in hand!

He’s saying this helps further BIG 12 expansion and betters the sport. This is huge for BYU!

When asked which teams are on the BIG 12’s list he instantly said: “BYU is our top option and we have a list after that!” meaning BYU MAY INFACT ALREAYD HAVE AN OFFER TO JOIN THE BIG 12!

Be patient folks and take note that the CFP Expansion has literally forced the big 12 to expand!

What is the BIG 12’s list for expansion? This is the latest I have heard in order of likely ness to be added (NOTE: I do not believe for a second any teams are moving from the B1G!) per sources within the BG 12:

  1. BYU
  2. BSU
  3. Cincinnati
  4. UCF
  5. USF
  6. Houston
  7. Memphis
  8. UNI
  9. CSU
  10. USU
  11. PAC 12 teams bolting to a better conference.

So BYU seems an absolutely lock and BSU appears to be going with them should the BIG 12 only g to 12 teams. The belief however is all P5 conferences are now forced to expand to 14 teams to stay with the other P5’s and have a equal shot at the 4 1st round bye’s in the new CFB Playoff! Only the PAC 12 and BIG 12 are below 14 teams.

The other issue for BYU, ND, and other independents and getting to the CFP remains under the new rules the would have no chance to make it over the P5 and G5 Schools. Take a look:

The at large teams would almost certainly be conference champs and SEC/B1G/ACC teams. There’s absolutely ZERO spots for independents available.

Here’s what I expect going forward:

Pac 12 ads 2 of SDSU, USU, CSU, And Fresno State to get to 14+ teams.

BIG 12 adds BYU, BSU, UCF, and USF to get to 14 teams.

B1G and ACC duke it out for ND.

Independence becomes a thing of the past!

The MWC and American Athletic Conference become premiere 2nd level conference with Conference USA and poach schools from smaller conferences to get at and stay at 14+ teams.

Its now a situation where 14+ schools is mandatory to stay with the 14+ school SEC, ACC, and B1G and have an equal shot at the new College Football Playoff!

The fact is the SEC, ACC, and B1G basically have auto bids while the BIG `12 and PAC 12 do not and will be fighting with smaller conferences for said spots. They have to address this ASAP and by far the best way is to add schools to get on par with the other P5 conferences!








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