A Game by Game Look and Prediction for the BYU 2020 FootBall Season. Also My EARLY CFP Prediction and NOTES!

As I have been thinking about the upcoming college football season and especially BYU’s upcoming season I have been wondering DOES BYU HAVE A LEGIT CHANCE AST THE CFP?

State College, PA - Suing for an 8-Team College Football Playoff

My answer to that is YES BUT… only if they win 11+ games. They have one of the toughest schedules in the country! The best O Line in the country and are loaded everywhere with returning veteran players including at QB!

Let’s take a game by game look:

Week 1: BYU at Utah:

BYU 38 Utah 17. Utah lost every player worth anything on offense and defense. Completely gutted team. They won’t even have an identity when this game comes. BYU already does and nearly everyone returns including a unbelievably loaded WR core. BYU 1-0. CPF CHances 100%.

Week 2: Michigan State at BYU:

BYU 31 MSU 20. MSU traveling to Provo is the factor mhere. BYU has the advantage duer ot this. BYU Record 2-0. CFP chances remain at 100%.

Week 3: BYU at ASU:

BYU 45 ASU 3. ASU is not a good team and coming of an absolute struggle of a season. They have very little returning talent and are thus no match for BYU. BYU record 3-0. CFP still 100%.

Week 4: BYU at Minnesota:

BYU 24 MINN 20. This is BYU’s 1st major test. Minnesota lost most of last years Division title caliber team. BYU barely pulls it out. BYU record 4-0. CFP 100%.

Week 5: USU at BYU:

BYU 52 USU 10. USU is not match for BYU as BYU proved last year in destroying them in Logan. Jordan Love is also gone leaving major questions in Logan. BYU record 5-0. CFP 100%.

Week 6: Missou at BYU:

BYU 35 Missou 14. Missou still a rebuilding team will not survive the trip to provo. BYU record 6-0. CFP 100%.

Week 7: Houston at BYU:

BYU 42 Houston 24. BYU is the far better team and its in provo giving BYU a massive advantage. BYU record 7-0. CFP 100%.

Week 8: BYU and NIU:

BYU 28 NIU 24. This is such a hard game to call but NIU* is one of the teams that lost a ton from last years team so BYU gets the close edge. BYU record 8-0. CFP 100%.

Week 9: BYU at BSU:

BYU 20 BSU 10. Another incredibly hard game to call but BSU again team gutted team from graduations and such. BYU is more then due for their 1sty ever win on the smurf turf as well. BYU record 9-0. CFP 100%.

Week 9: SDSU at BYU:

BYU 49 SDSU 17. SDSU is not on BYU’s level. Also coming off a down season and from Cali to Provo where they have never played well. The change at HC also hurts them. BYU Record 10-0. CFP 100%.

Week 11: North Alabama at BYU:

BYU 66 N Alabama 0. Lets get real. There’s no other option. BYU record 11-0. CFP 100%.

Week 12: BYU at Stanford:

BYU 21 Stanford 20. BYU at this point now on a mission pulls of a struggle of a win on the road to clinch a CFP spot. BYU record 12-0. CFP 100%.

Now this is a best case scenario In know. Every game is literally winnable for BYU. BYU gets that advantage as the hardest games as you’d think are on their field. Also Utahy and others are gutted from all their talent.

My real BYU record prediction is 10-2 with losses at Minnesota, and Stanford.

My real CFP prediction? This:

  1. OSU
  2. Clemson
  3. Bama
  4. Georgia

Yes I 100% see LSU having a major down year. The SEC gets a 2nd team unless BYU does go undefeated or OU does. I have OU just out of the CFP.

Should BYU indeed get into the CFP I expect no more then a 4 seed.

Now for some major updates on the CFP:

I have been told in no uncertain terms that CFP EXPANSION IS HAPPENING! What does this meaning? Tons and tons of changes including more conference realignment.

1st the current agreement is to expand to 8 teams for the 2021 season. This is a lock. The CFP sponsors are demanding it.

The question is, is expanding to 16 teams a possibility? A format being discussed is there being only 8 conferences in the NCAA Bowl Subdivision with 16 teams each. All 8 conference champs get a auto bid guaranteeing all undefeated teams a spot. No Independent teams would be allowed. Then 8 at large teams.

Per capita this would make the CFP have the same % of teams as the NCAA Tourney.

Is this feasible? 100% yes!

When? Most likely a few years out.

To sum it up the CFP is 100% expanding! It will be to 8 teams. Expect BYU, and BSU at least to the BIG 12. Maybe more teams. Expect the PAC 12 to do everything possible to stay in tact and keep the BIG 12 from poaching say USC with BYU.

It’s going to be very fun! even 8 teams will be hecka fun with the SEC 100% getting 3 te4ams in every year. Could guarantee all P5’s a spot every year. Really, REALLY hurts Independence though. all but kills it. It will be so much for fun to watch though!








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