Interesting Thoughts flying Around Today From Yankees Nation!

AS I go through Yankees twitter and Yankees nation on FB I am hearing interesting things.

Yankees beat Nationals in abbreviated opener to an abbreviated major-league  season

1st off I can emphatically ay Yankees fans are defeated and flat out pissed off at the Yankees Brass outside Cashman who has been against all these changes! Here’s some thoughts from my Good Friend Felix on this:

I emphatically agree myself Matt Blake has to go. Gary Sanchez as well at his point with J.T. Realmuto becoming available this coming offseason.

The Yankees have to make changes and fast! Starting with dropping Matt Blake and hiring David Code as Pitching coach!

Also by signing ACE RHP Trevor Bauer ASAP in FA!

Also inking DJ LeMahieu to an extension. That’s a lock as I and other reporters are hearing.

The Yankees have $118.5 Million coming off the books this offseason. AS such they have room for major moves.

As Felix said in that video they have to change a ton. Here’s a complete list of the changes that must be done:

  1. Fire Matt Blake ASAP and replace him with David cone.
  2. Stop interfering with Boones Job and let him manage games. ENOUGH OF THE NERDS SHIT! DO IT RIGHT!
  3. Sign DJ LeMahieu in the private negotiating period before FA.
  4. Sign ACE RHP Trevor Bauer ASAP.
  5. Sign Catcher J.T. Realmuto.
  6. Trade for SS Francisco Lindor
  7. Sign Liam Hendricks.
  8. Trade for Josh Hader
  9. Let Ja Happ, Brett Gardner, James Paxton, Masahiro Tanaka, ETC walk…
  10. See about signing OF Michael Brantley of the price is right.
  11. STOP PLAYING THE MOVING, CHANGING LINEUPS GAME EVRY DAMN GAME! Put players in one spot in it and let them get used to it and rolling!
  12. Investigate and find out how the Rays are blatantly cheating as its blatantly obvious they are. NO team can be this literally impossibly good with developing pitching. LOTERALLY IMPOSSIBLE! Expose them and shut that franchise down!

The Yankees have tons to do this offseason whether they win the WS or not. Tons and tons to do!

Starts with getting rid of worthless players like Gardner, HAPP, ETC and then adding the right players like Francisco Lindor, Liam Hendricks, TREVORBAUER, ETC!

Get ready for a busy, BUSY offseason!








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