College Football Expansion/Realignment Updates

Lost of rumors and rumblings out about college football after OU and Texas finalized their move to the SEC (Still n word on when its official and they play there but its done.). Lets take a look and the newest rumors.

1st off where does the BIG 12 go from here? Looks like to instant death due to their leadership’s incompetence! There is a way to fix the conference though… Lets discuss.

If those 4 bolt The BIG 12, that leaves 4 schools in TCU, KSU, WVU, and TTU. No chance they can rebuild the conference.

Thus where does this leave the AAC, BYU, BSU, and other schools that are P5 Good?

In an extremely tough spot… With almost nowhere to turn.

The other extremely weird rumbling is the ACC, BIG 12, and PAC 12 creating an alliance against the SEC.

The NCAA needs to step up now or forever see college football destroyed. Any such alliance would destroy college football.

As most in the biz and in the know see it, the absolute best thing for college football is rebuilding the BIG 12 FAST!

How do they proceed at this point? EASY! Send offers YESTERDAY to BYU, BSU, UCF, USF, Arizona, and ASU. Thus building up to 14 teams and saving P5 status. Also while poaching from the PAC 12 and weakening them.

A BIG 12 with the following schools becomes a powerhouse basketball conference and football conference:

  1. BYU
  2. BSU
  3. TCU
  4. TTU
  5. Baylor
  6. ISU
  7. Kansas
  8. KSU
  9. UCF
  10. USF
  11. Arizona
  12. ASU
  13. OKST
  14. ISU

That’s an extremely deep, and loaded conference. Once worthy of P5 status. One that can compete with the SEC, B1G and ACC. One extremely better then the PAC 12 that’s left.

As you can see, there a way to save the BIG 12 and all the while making if better then ever before. Its not hard.

BYU is in such a powerful position as what other school’s have power house BASKETBALL and FOOTBALL programs? BYU is one of the few.

So at this point what can we expect?

I fully expect more realignment but in a fashion that saves the BIG 12 somehow. There’s just far, FAR to much $$ on the line not too.

More change is guaranteed. Its not going to be fun.

I also can see the POWER 5 conferences combining with ND, BYU, and a few other top schools and creating a new college football league. Its coming folks.








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