What Really Happened:

Here’s the real story of this Harper for Stanton Rumor.

BBC World Service - The Real Story

So this past Tuesday about 6pm Mountain Time (Where I live) I was contact with a Yankee Twitter Troll named @Yankeelibrian. He told me he had a huge story and wanted me to break it.


He claimed he had sources and in checking him out he does write for a Yankees covering website.

I was extremely hesitant but realized I had to do it for 2 reasons. Either it would make my website grow really, REALLY fast by breaking a major story or get my publicity for outing a rat and fraud. WHICH I DID!

I was not in the least bit surprised it was the latter.

Let me be clear, I NEVER BELIEVED HIM but for my career felt I had to do something.

I was not the least bit surprised it was fake or I got attacked. That has to happen in today’s evil world.

I am not even in the least bit sad it cost me over 10,000 in $$ Yankees Twitter promised me should it be real as I had the feeling it wasn’t all along and his stories about it never added up. NOr did I believe people would actually give me the $!

Was I wrong to play his game and out him? NOT AT ALL! The haters are wrong for mocking me and such.

I have even been called a fraud now BUT… If so then LITERALLY EVERY REPORTER ON THE PLANET IS AS WELL for calling LHP Patrick Corbin to the Yankees.

Its part of the game. These same things happened to Ken ROsenthal, Jeff Passan, ETC, ETC, ETC when they got started. I fully expected it.


I will 100% keeping pushing my career and keep building my website. I could care less about the trolls calling me names and such as they are only identifying themselves.

You see another reason I did it was to expose OF Giancarlo Stanton’s nothing less then bizarre IL situation. It gave me the perfect opportunity.

Stanton’s and now Judge’s (We should know more within the hour) situations make no sense at all. This is not how team’s handle such things at all.

Anyways I will move on and count this as a learning moment and stepping stone. It can’t hurt me and has not hurt me.

All the Haters and such are only hurting themselves. Learn to laugh and move on from things.