DJ LeMahieu Retuning to Home to LA and the Dodgers? Other Yankees Notes:

News is now out and confirmed that the Dodgers and DJ LeMahieu have mutual interest. Here is what it mans:

Dodgers free agent rumors: DJ LeMahieu update - YouTube

Yes the Dodgers are interested in Dj LeMahieu. Yes Dj LeMahieu shares the sentiment.

If this happens the Yankees will instantly grab SS Francisco Lindor, and a RHP either Carlos Carrasco or Zack Plesac (WHICH THEY SHOULD DO ANYWAYS), OF Michael Brantley, and then a few free agents being among:

  1. LHP Brad Hand
  2. RHP Archie Bradley
  3. RHP Corey Kluber
  4. RHP Trevor Rosenthal
  5. OF Joc Pedserson
  6. ETC

How much would this cost? Pretty cheap actually.

Adam Ottavino or Aaron Hicks, OR BOTH are locks to be in the Francisco Lindor trade to offset some of the salary. Lindor is only due around $20 Million in 2021 and around $25-$28 Million per after.

Michael Brantley cannot demand more then around $12 Million per. Maybe as low as $5 Million per. As such its a no brainer on say a 3 year $24 Million deal.

The 3 relievers won’t get more then about $8-$10 Million per. Thus sign Hand and one of and if not BOTH RHP’s for 1-3 year $6-$10 Million deals.

Then sign RHO Corey Kluber as a vet fill in arm on a 1 year prove it deal with a 2nd year Vesting team option. He’s only going to get between $5-$8 Million per.

Its believe the Yankees will try to offer a package around Andujar and Montgomery to the Brewers for LHP Josh Hader and LHP Brandon Woodruff

AS for Joc Pederson he’s only expected to get around $10 Million per. Say a 4 year $40 Million incentive laden deal here should do it.

All these moves would leave the payroll around $220-$225 Million an a roster looking like this:


  1. RHP Garret Cole
  2. RHP Carlos Carrasco/RHP Zack Plesac
  3. LHP Brandon woodruff
  4. RHP Corey Kluber
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt/RHP Deivi Garcia/RHP Domingo German

That looks so much better then it currently stands its not even funny. A dominant rotation and makes them World Series favorites.


  1. LF Michael Brantley
  2. RF Aaron Judge
  3. SS Francisco Lindor
  4. DH Giancarlo Stanton
  5. 1B Luke Voit
  6. CF Joc Pederson
  7. 2B Gleyber torres
  8. 3B Gio Urshela
  9. C Gary Sanchez

This would be such an amazing lineup. 1-9 are 20+ HR per season threats!


OF Clint Frazier(If not traded which s likely)

C Kyle Higashioka

INF/OF Added via free agency

OF Mike Tauchman/INF Mike Ford/OF/INF/C Kyle Schwarber

Absolutely loaded bench!


  1. CP: LHP Aroldis Chapman
  2. SU1: RHP Trevor Rosenthal
  3. SU2: LHP Zack Britton
  4. MR: RHP Archie Bradley
  5. MR: LHP Brad Hand
  6. MR: RHP Chad Green
  7. MR: RHP: Ben Heller
  8. LR: LHP Nestor Cortes
  9. LR: RHP Adam Warren

TALK ABOUT A BULLPEN! Absolutely has to happen!

This are all moves the Yankees are confirmed to be talking about.

The whole plan changes if DJ resigns. Not a ton but a good bit. Lets wait and see what happens but the Yankees have to have a plan in mind that we don’t know about. Nothing else makes sense!








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