Happ? REALLY? and Other Notes.

So last night J.A. Happ lead the Yankees against the O’s, it was the bats however that got the win and lead the team to the win not Happ.

What can J.A. Happ offer the Yankees if he isn't traded? - Pinstripe Alley

Happ looked terrible. I MEAN TERRIBLE! Could only go 4 and barely 4 IP while letting the terrible O’s score 4 runs.

What happened? His FB topped out at 90.8 MPH. He couldn’t even hit 91. His breaking pitches looked a bit flat but ok.

I have to say Happ must be benched with Gardner and used out of the bullpen asa innings eater.

The Yankees simply cannot be running a now proven washed up 38 year old Starter out there every 5 days.

Maybe some other team say the Marlins will take him in a trade? They do need vets!

What should happened with Happ’s rotation spot? RHP #1 Yankees Prospect Clarke Schmidt should be given the chance there.

Schmidt more than proved he’s ready at Summer Camp. He completely handcuffed Yankees hitters. He will be an ACE very soon!

Someone you may say what about RHP Mike King? Yes is a proven MLB arm. He’s my cousin and I 100% want him to succeed. HOWEVER…

He’ll only be a middle of the rotation guy and very solid one at that! He does not have Schmidt’s up side or look near as good as Schmidt. Schmidt 100% deserves Happ’s spot.

In other notes…

HOW THE CRAP DID PEDRO SEVERINO EVEN MAKE CONTACT WITH THAT PITCH? Statcast said he had a 100% chance to foul if off or miss it completely.

It was 6″ in off the plate at 98 MPH. There’s LITERALLY no way to do anything with that. As fishy as it gets.

Thank heavens Judge found a meatball and sent it to the moon with 2 men on.

RHP Jonathan Loaisiga looked great till boone pushed him a but to far and the literally impossible HR happened.

Britton now 2-2 on saves.

Agent 0 (Adam Ottavino) look impressive. Yet to allow a run this year in 3 outings.

What’s going on with RHP Tommy Kahnle? DOES ANYONE KNOW?

The Yankees look every bit the monster everyone senced they were coming into the year. Scoring runs at will. Winning games. Leading the AL EAst outright. The list goes on.

The Yankees are rolling BUT… They must eliminate liabilities such as Happ, and Gardner (Andujar, Tauchman, and Frazier 100% should get his playing time). They just cannot have such weaknesses going into the postseason run.

The Yankees have identified their weaknesses, 2 major ones, and now have no choice but to boot them out. Dumb them both on the Marlins if they have to.








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