I Was Taken Advantage of Due to My Disability I am Apologize to All!

So this past week you saw me break a story that we all knew was fake though it made perfect sense.

The hardest part about being generous is the hurt that comes when ...

The story was the Yankees trading OF Giancarlo Stanton for OF Bryce Harper.

This was awesome to me as I love Bryce Harper and his fit for the Yankees and my patience is growing thin with Stanton’s numerous injuries… His current IL situation still makes zero sense!

This guy show goes by @Yankeelibrarian on Twitter somehow knew this and used it to take advantage of me.

This was unfair and evil. A very childish trick!

He probably also knew I have been watching like a hawk to see if what Ken Rosenthal predicted hours after Harper joined the Phillies actually happens. He predicted this:

“Its believed around the game Harper signed this deal with the Phillies fully expecting to be traded to the Yankees at some point over the next 5 years.”

I have believed this all along. No chance the Phillies keep that contract on the books. HOWEVER… It is not happening right now as I was falsely led to believe!

Its as wrong as it gets to take advantage of anyone for any reason. Let alone of their disabilities!

How could I be taken advantage of on such a way?

EASY! 7 years ago while playing softball I suffered the worst possible concussion a person can suffer without dying. I ran head 1st into a fence post knocking myself out and lying unconscious for almost 7 minutes.

I made the catch though…

It destroyed my cognitive abilities for a month. Took forever to get them back and I still struggle with them to this day!

I have a very hard time going up and down stairs every now and then as my legs stop going high enough and times and I fall and hurt hurt. Bruising mostly.

It affected my mental ability as well though mostly in the speech center of my brain.

As such TO THIS DAY I still am terrible verbally as my brain and mouth lose gear I call it.

I will be talking and my voice jams or freezes (which sounds pretty funny to hear. HAHAHA) and I have to stop and let my brain and voice/mouth resink and then continue.

This concussion also affected my ability to think ahead, stop myself from instantly saying words, or instantly posting on social media something exciting without thinking it through or until after confirming it.

This is how he took advantage of me. What kind of a evil person takes advantage of such things? What kind of person takes advantage of a person’s death defying injuries?

I am appalled are my friends Pete Simonetti and Felix of NYYNEWS! Everyone should be.

Yes I am disabled but love my writing. I love what I do with my Website!

I am as educated as they come. Just because my body has disabilities doesn’t mean my brain and mental capacities and my spirit do.

I have healed well over 90% of the way BUT… I will never fully heal till God the Father and his son Jesus Christ heal my body in the resurrection.

I hereby issue a formal apology to all who read this false rumor I wrongfully shared and ask all to give me a second chance.

I promise you to check any rumor out with my friends Felix, Pete Simonetti, and others before spreading it or posting it. I promise to truly and thoroughly check things out before tweeting it or posting it on FB!

I will try my hardest to keep these premises BUT.. I am injured and this concussion is not the only time I defied death and no my only debilitating injury.

Its only one of a several concussions I survived.

Also I survived cancer, 2 minor strokes, 2 car wrecks that should’ve killed me, falling in the snake river in Idaho ( A fast moving canal off it that was over 15 feet wide.) and etc.

Not many and if any of you have been through this. To top it off though I survived a very abusive father growing up.

I recall multiple times growing up, where I woke up on the floor from watching a baseball game with a headache all because my head got between my dad and the tv.

Even after all I have been through I now run my own sports writing and rumors website. Again I only ask you for your prayers, support, and forgiveness and help in me moving on from this fiasco.

If you are the few I normally tag in my posts, then you are the lucky few I call friends on Twitter and such. Thank you for being friends.

I can’t wait for what lies ahead and breaking future deals as they come. For breaking down trades and FA signings. May God bless you all and Go Yankees!




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