The Indians are Giving Up a Year of Control By Having Mike Clevenger Pitch Tomorrow???

So the Indians announced today that RHP Mike Clevenger is going to pitch tomorrow evening and thus they will lose a year of control of him… WAIT WHAT???

Will the Cleveland Indians welcome back Zach Plesac, Mike ...

Here is the announcement:

The 1st question I had was why not RHP Zack Plesac? They can’t lose any control by having him pitch.

Why have him at least scheduled to pitch when we know there are trade talks around him going to the Yankees right now? As this kid pointed out to me:

Also note Jon Morosi’s statement the industry sources believe the Indians are trading a pitcher this week.

Is this merely a trade negotiation ploy? Or are the Indians actually ok with losing a year of control on a ACE type pitcher???

I have to say this is very bizarre!

Something is going on here behind the scenes. Teams don’t just give up a year of control on such high profile players like this.

With the knowledge tha Yankees and Indians have been AND ARE IN in deep talks for a Clevenger-Lindor package that could include LHP Brad Hand, something is way off here…

They should not be starting him or calling him up right now with such trade talks going on and the threat of losing a year of control…

Keep very alert as this same thing happens all the time with a player about to get traded.

This smells like something huge is about to go down…








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