How Baseball Manufactures Stars

The more I watch baseball the more fake, BLATANTLY MANUFACTURED stars I see appear. Its just literally impossible for 22 teams to simultaneously bring up and make young stars! THAT IS NOT HOW BASEBALL WORKS! Its literally never happened before! Here’s some of them:

  1. Ronald Acuna
  2. Fernando Tatis
  3. Austin Meadows
  4. Vlad JR
  5. Shohei Ohtani
  6. Juan Soto
  7. Rafael Devers
  8. Cody Bellinger
  9. Pete Alonzo
  10. Luis Robert
  11. ETC

The list is endless! I COULD LITERALLY NAME OVER 40! Its impossible! The way baseball works is maybe 5 to 15 MAX appear over every 5 years! It took 6 years for Bonds to become a star after coming up! Not instantly upon getting called up. Same with Sosa, McGuire, Gwynn, Ripken, ETC. All 40+ of these guys are within the last 3 to 5 years! AGAIN LITERALLY IMPPOSSIBLE!

Its also never happened before that a player who is averaging BARELY AVRAGE STATS (.313 career average, 34 HR’s per year average, 98 RBI’s per year average, 31 SB’s per year, ETC. WHILE OVER 1000 PLAYERS HAD THE SAME AVERAGES OR BETTER AND NEVER WERE CALLED BASEBALLS BEST PLAYER!). on a losing team gets called the best player in baseball as the most overrated player ever Mike Trout has!

They literally created blatantly rigged stats just for him! If not for blatantly rigged metrics (Don’t get me started here) Trout is no more then a average player AT BEST!

So how is the MLB manufacturing so many “YOUNG STARS” out of thin air? Very easily!

The 1st part of this rigging:

By rigging the strike zone with blatantly illegal STAR TREATMENT! That’s right. All of these guys have ridiculously small K-zones against them! Shohei Ohtani for example has seen over twice as many (if not 3 times as many) pitches HANIGNG IN THE ZONE as any other player in the game. Same thing Trout gets every year!

The other way is make real stars like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gary Sanchez, ETC. look worse then they are by calling pitches NOWHERE NEAR THE ZONE strikes on them and thus making Trout, Ohtani, ETC. look even better for not striking out half as much BUT…. only as they don’t even have to worry about such things! Creates completely different mind sets in the batters box!

FYI: Trout and Ohtani have seen fewer then 25% as many pitches OUTSIDE THE ZONE called strikes as Stanton, Judge, Sanchez, ETC.

Next part: 

As we all know back in the 70’s Japan perfected an electro magnet system in the core of the baseball to control ball flight. That’s how they forced Sadaharu Oh to hit over 850 HR’s when he was only good enough to hit around 500.

Now in the MLB we are seeing literally impossible physics, and gravity defying ball flight. Literally impossible ball flights where the ball stops moving mid air and falls STRAIGHT DOWN along with literally impossible ball flight where the ball has no steam or speed left yet literally impossible gets past a fielder or over the fence.

This is undeniably proof the MLB, WHO WAS TOYING WITH THE SAME TECHKNOLOGY IN THE 90’s, is using such a system!

It gets worse!

Then they plant the seeds to discredit the real stats like Pitching W’s and Batting Average which really show exactly how good a player is! Its been known for a long time that being able to hit for a high average is an amazing feat. Same as being able to win 20+ games a season as a pitcher! We must protect such stats not destroy them!

To make a pitcher look better then he is:

The MLB orders umpires to give a pitchers SUCH AS OHTANI, MADBUM, DEGROM, Keuchel ETC twice as big of strike zones as other pitchers. Its more apparent now then ever with fans calling this out on a daily basis now!

Go back and review every game in the Giants title runs and you will lose count how many illegal strikes MADBUM got called on pitches WAY OUT OF THE ZONE. Over 50 a game! If called right he’s not even a good pitcher!

Same for Ohtani this year. No pitcher has had near as many pitches OUT SIDE THE ZONE called strikes (NOT EVEN 50% AS MANY) or near as few IN THE ZONE called balls (EVERY OTHER PITCHER OVER 8 TIMES AS MANY) as Ohtani, DeGrom, and a few other FAKE ACES. That’s how to make a pitcher better then he actually is!

Any given day you can see the umpire giving the game to one team or another BY RIGGING THE STRIKE ZONE!

Take last nights Yankees vs Astros rigged scripted game for example. In the bottom of the 9th 13 straight pitches TAKEN IN THE ZONE BY ASTROS HITTERS were called balls. That rigged the game blatantly! Another Yankees vs Astros game in the Wild Card game 5 or 6 years ago as well proves this. Go check how many pitches OUTSIDE THE ZONE were called strikes on Yankees hitters in Keuchel’s favor. Its over 50…

Then to make matters EVEN WORSE…

The MLB lets the players they want to be their stars and make into FAKE STARS get away with blatant, BLATANT cheating like the Astros and Redsux did with blatantly stealing signs and somehow getting the MLB to completely cover it up!


The next AND MAYBE BEST WAY to rig a AVERAGE PLAYER AT BEST into being a FAKE super star:

Create hype out of nowhere using fake news media trolls! That’s right! All pro sports do this! Spread lies that basic easy plays are unbelievably amazing just because Trout, Ohtani, Betts ETC make them!

Take last year in the world series when Mookie Betts made a ridiculously easy catch and it went viral being called incredibly hard. Then this season Aaron Judge makes the same play 8 TIMES and no one says a word.


The final way:

Rig the team a player goes to. Yes the MLB and all pro sports 100% do this evil trick! Otherwise Karl Malone, LBJ, ETC. never even talk to the LA Lakers! Players like Harper, Machado, Corbin, ETC are Yankees and not forced to join any team but the Yankees where they wanted to go! And so many more just like these!

You really think an owner like Hal Stienbrenner would not go along with the MLB just to keep his franchise and the $350 Million+ per year he is making or risk losing it by not complying?


By Manny Machado going to the Padres the MLB kept over $200 Million and perhaps more from the Yankees. Same with keeping Harper from the Yankees.

Remember Rob Manfred despises the Yankees and is doing everything possible to keep them from winning!

That’s why they are blatantly lying about the Rays farm system calling it the best in the game when its literally the worst! Same with the Redsox known baron system!

Also why they are lying about the Yankees TOP 3 FARM IN THE GAME, calling it one of the worst when its absolutely loaded! More so then almost any other team!

The MLB will do anything to keep its $$ in the hands of the teams it wants it in and away form those it wants it does not want to touch it!





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