College Football Troubles as P5’s Move to Conference Only…

College football is in peril. All 5 P5 Conferences are moving to conference games only due to the blatantly faked Pandemic. How does this effect teams like BYU nand ND?

Freedom: Notre Dame, BYU Independently Aligned | Daily Chicago ...

I did some research to get clarity here. For BYU their game against Utah should still be played as protected rivalries such as the Holy War, Georgia vs Georgia Tech and ETC should still be played form what I was told.

I contacted all 5 P5 COnferences and was told they still want protected rivalries where teams are close together like BYU and Utah to be played.

As for ND they are screwed. 8 of their games are gone with no replacing them. Unless they go to JC, division 2, and Division 3 colleges for games.

This is terrible for college football and colleges. None can afford to not get the $$ for these games and bowl games. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE TO FIX THIS ASAP!

BYU can contact other independants to refill games. can ND? Not likely. I have to say again THIS IS A DARK DAY FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND COLLEGIATE SPORTS!








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  1. Jeff Avatar

    The ACC already said they would take ND this year

    1. Adam King Avatar

      NOt true… They said only they would no cancel all their games. BY NCAA rule ND is out in the cold with BYU.

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