This pandemic is the greatest hoax ever. Why are so many people blind to this?

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NOTE: When I use the word Hoax it is about the fake news media, libtard dem manufactured out of thin air BLATANTLY FAKED Pandemic. 60 million got sick from swine FLU in 2009 and nothing shut down or changed.

Only 4 million, with over 90% of these cases now proven faked, have gotten sick from COVID-19. THIS ALONE PROVES IT A HOAX!

Here’s some proof from my cousin:

As you can see people by cemeteries are not seeing the funerals or bodies that the death toll should be forcing.

This is not all. The so called ‘EXPERTS’ keep changing their tune from don’t wear masks to wear them to back again. From 14 days to 10 days isolation and ETC.

Now 1 state after another is being caught red handed faking the #’s. over 500 clinics nationwide now under investigation for this # faking.

Literally all the evidence points towards a coordinated hoax aimed at taking Trump out!

Its also literally backfiring.

Numerous Dems, are flipping RED to stop Biden and the libtard Dems. Numerous BLUE states are FLIPPING RED to stop Biden and the Libtard Dems.


Again if this pandemic were real then how are its #’s not even 5% as bad as 2009’s SWINE FLU? It doesn’t add up!

Have you met anyone who actually had it? NO CHANCE!

Social Media is now banning anyone who promotes the DR’s who are pushing a proven cure for COVID-19.

States keep reporting #’s that are easily proven faked.

The State of Utah reported my mom, my bro, AND I as COVID-19 deaths in June. WE HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN IN UTAH SINCE LATE APRIL!

What about the fact that literally impossible not one celeb, or politician has died of this fake pandemic? 8 Celebs and 9 Politicians died from the swine FLU IN THE 1ST MONTH IT WAS OUT!

Another indication of a blatant coordinated hoax is the latest BLATANTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL SCOTUS ruling that Casinos can be open but Churches can’t.

Freedom of religion gave SCOTUS no choice how to rule here and they still violated the constitution.

MARK MY WORDS THIS WILL GET SCOTUS TAKEN OUT! Trump said after November, once the GOP has taken back the house, he will force the impeachment of every SCOTUS Judge tyto vote for this unconstitutional ruling.

Another sign of a hoax is all the major news networks have been CAUGHT RED HANDED REPORTING FAKE #’s! AND EVEN FAKING THE #’s THEMSELVES.

The CDC even admitted at least 90% and as much as 98% of COVID cases were caused by the tests showing the COMMON COLD as a positive tests.

The Makers of the tests did as well.

THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THIS BLATANTLY FAKED PANDEMIC! The facts simply do not add up at all.

More proof its a hoax is athletes are having suspicious test results and returning impossibly fast from positive test quarantines and measures.

Take Juan Soto for example. He had 12 tests done over a 4 day period with half negative and half positive. THIS IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE and also prove faulty testing. He’s not returning well before the CDC said he could. HOW?

Then there’s the Marlins who literally impossibly have a outbreak when they haven’t been in Florida or exposed in over a month.

ALSO… how do the Marlins have an outbreak while on the field with the Phillies and the Phillies have absolutely ZERO positive tests results?

IT DOESN’T ADD UP! Its a hoax. When holes like this start popping up you know you’re being lied to.

Take 9/11 for example. People love throwing around the fact fire cannot melt steel beams. BUT…. why they are right what about the fact those beams were encased in concrete that Fired literally cannot touch?

9/11 was another false flag operation just like we are watching now.

Lets wake up america and #VOTEALLDEMSOUT2020 to save America!








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