What Moves Will the Yankees Make This Offseason?

As we move closer and closer to FA(Less then 2 weeks away as its 5 days after the end of the World Series) there are all kinds of rumors as to what the Yankees will do out right now. Lets take a look at what we know!

New York Yankees: The best and worst moves of the offseason

Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone, and Hal Steinbrenner in the pressers all said changes are coming. They guaranteed it.

To be exact they guaranteed fixing and addressing the weaknesses on the Yankees roster.

Starting Pitching, Catcher, Shortstop, Relief pitching, and LF were all mentioned by name.

Clint Frazier is the fix for one of them. That is LF.

He’s already on the roster. So are Mike Tauchman and and now MLB debuted OF Estevan Florial. As such we know Brett Gardner is 100% gone and they will not add here.

In starting pitching there are spots to be filled behind ACE RHP Garrit Cole and young up and coming star RHP Deivi Garcia.

Masahiro Tanaka the long time Yankees RHP is believed to be going back to Japan and the Rakuten Golden Eagles. He’s 100% gone guys barring a stunning surprise.

J.A Happ the veteran LHP is gone. Yankees are done with him after he destroyed his vesting option and choked in the post season. BYE BYE!

The Yankees have ZERO, ZERO interest in resigning LHP James Paxton due to his age of 32 before next season and injury past. See ya Later James!

So what will the Yankees do? The most believed scenario is signing RHP Trevor Bauer and then filling from within till ACE RHP Luis Severino Returns next June.

I have asked several Yankees sources myself and can say Bauer is a near lock to be a Yankee. They believe Hal will force it as he’s fed up with underachieving guys.

Also some belief they will sign LHP Robbie Ray after 4 years of chasing after him. The Yankees are 100% talking to Ray but would have to sign a team friendly deal.

If I had to guess this is the Yankees rotation till Luis Severino comes back:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. RHP Trevor Bauer
  3. LHP Robbie Ray
  4. RHP Deivi Garcia
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt

This is my best guess with Jordan Montgomery, Domingo German, and Johnny Loaisiga traded in packages for SS Francisco Lindor and LHP Josh Hader.

Also there’s a belief Luis Severino will head to the bullpen once back from injury.

For the bullpen Cashman mentioned adding MULTIPLE MAJOR PIECES during his presser. He said quote:

“This pen needs some fixing. Major fixing. I will address it!”

LHP Josh Hader is my 1st thought. RHP Liam Hendricks is my second.

We know the Yankees have been after Josh(Hader) for years now. I believe form what I am hearing, they finally get it done.

Liam Hendricks just happens to be hitting FA thus is just $$ away from the Bronx.

Also keep in mind the Yankees absolutely MUST find a replacement for the JT victim Tommy Kahnle and Hendricks perfectly fits that bill!

If I had to guess on the Yankees bullpen going into 2021 this would not surprise me:

  1. CP LHP Josh Hader
  2. SU1 RHP Liam Hendricks
  3. SU2 LHP Aroldis Chapman
  4. MR1 RHP Chad Green
  5. MR2 LHP Zack Britton
  6. MR3 RHP Adam Ottvino
  7. MR4 LHP Luis Avilan
  8. LR1 LHP Jordan Montgomery
  9. LR2 RHP Miguel Yajure

From everything I have heard this has the best chance of happening. Let us hope it does!

When asked about the lineup Cashman said it needed far better balance, better contact hitting as well as consistency.

Here’s a question then: how many World Series Titles have the Yankees won WITHOUT a POWER HITTING LH BAT in the lineup on a every day basis?


Form Babe Ruth to Lou Gehrig, to Mickey Mantle to Reggie Jackson to Tino Martinez to Hideki Matsui they have literally always had AT THE VERY LEAST one!


How will they get one? EASY! Trade for the guaranteed to be traded Star SS Francisco Lindor!

The 6’0″ tall 200 pound star is a career .285 hitter who averages over 25 HR’s and 80 RBI’s per year. Those #’s would skyrocket batting between Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

This move is a no brainer for Cashman and Co. What would it take? Something lie this:

Yankees get: SS Francisco Lindor

Indians Get: RHP Johnathan Loaisiga, RHP :Luis Gill, INF Thairo Estrada, and RHP Johnathan Holder.

Again a blatant no brainer!

How else could the Yankees add Left Handed power to balance out the lineup?

They could sign Michael Brantley or Joc Pederson for one. Then play said play in LF.

The could try to convince the Rangers to trade them 1B/OF Joey Gallo.

They could also get the Cubs to trade them Kyle Schwarber.

There are options!

There’s also the possibility of Cubs star 1B Anthony Rizzo hitting FA as the Cubs have yet to pick up his Club Option.

Again the point is the Yankees have SEVERAL OPTIONS!

So what are sources saying? The Yankees will make a run at acquiring Joey Gallo or Michael Brantley or Joc Pederson.

Pederson will be the cheapest of the 3 by far. He’s a FA for one. He has no chance at a QO for another.

The Yankees would also like to upgrade the catcher position. Either by Gary Sanchez fixing himself or acquiring an new one with J.T. Realmuto happening to hit FA right now.

Let me make this clear… THE YANKEES ARE 100% MAKING A RUN AT REALMUTO! DO they sign him? Well… Industry sources are completely split on it.

Some yes yes but some say no. No one seems to know. Don’t both asking Cashman or the Yankees either as you won’t get a response.

Dj LeMahieu being resigned in another no brainer. Its also a 100% lock according to industry sources.

As such If I had to guess the Yankees lineup going into 2020 its this:

  1. 2B D.J. LeMahieu
  2. 1B Luke Voit
  3. RF Aaron Judge
  4. SS Francisco Lindor
  5. DH Giancarlo Stanton
  6. C J.T. Realmuto
  7. LF Joc Pederson
  8. 3B Gio Urshela
  9. CF Aaron Hicks

The Yankees will look to save $$ everywhere which will boot Brett Gardner, Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, J.A. Happ, ETC, ETC, ETC out the door.

They also have A-Rod’s, and Ellsbury’s $$ completely off the books.

Thus the Yankees have all kinds of $$ to spend and will spend it.

The will repurpose it for better players and better fits for the Yankees.

So what about the bench? EASY! Its this:

  1. C Kyle Higashioka
  2. INF Gleyber Torres
  3. 1B Mike Ford
  4. OF Clint Frazier
  5. OF Mike Tauchman

Loaded with power, Speed, and hitting.

I could see Ford left off if the Yankees add another INF but yeah this is as close to it as I can predict based of the current rumblings.

I expect Gary Sanchez, who you do not see in this lineup or on the bench, traded to the Phillies to rejoin Girardi and replace the guaranteed to leave J.T. Realmuto.

Guys, the Yankees are going to make moves. They are pissed at the early playoff exit and the inept ability of certain players.

Hal is done with the under .250 hitting Sanchez, Gardner, and ETC. He’s done with pitchers that don’t produce.


Also I have been told as have a few major baseball reporters that Joel Sherman is dead wrong in saying the Yankees wanting a Payroll at $200 Million or lower.

The Yankees know the Luxury tax is about to be abolished so they won’t have to worry about it past 2021.

He’s not the only one to say the Yankees will be frugal. THEY WILL NOT! They won’t spend wildly but they will spend!

Lets get going on this offseason guys! May the Yankees make the right moves as we are hearing they will!








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