Joey Gallo to the Yankees? Sure seems like its coming together fast!

As we inch closer to the trade deadline one trade seems more apparent then ever to be happening. That’s OF/1B/3B Joey Gallo to the Yankees.

Just today alone several big time reporters are talking about it from Mark Fiendsand, to Fansided, to ETC. Just tale a look at a few:


As such where are the talks at right now?

Where due to Ken Rosenthal we know for a fact the Yankees and Rangers are talking grades.

This is exactly how the Didi trade, the Granderson, trade, THE STANTON TRADE, ETC. ETC. ETC. started. The Yankees ask about a player as a smoke screen while they are actually after trading for the bigger fish.

With this already known we can take a very, VERY educated guess the Rangers and Yankees are actually, already talking a Joey Gallo trade and you know Joey Gallo wants out after his team was no hit twice.

Once by the Yankees his expected future team.

So then, what stage could the talks be in? S=I for one still expect early stages though signs point towards them having been talking for days and maybe weeks already.

Thus the talks are deep at this point. I do expect it done and especially with Hicks out for a while and Gallo’s great ability to play a gold glove center field it also makes perfect sense to happen now.

For those wondering yes the MLB averages 5 trades every May (4 minor and 1 major one). So not in the last bit out of the question.

Also another great sign for the Yankees here is they already have Joey Gallo’s best friend in Rougned Odor so they are in good standing with the Rangers when it comes to trades. They have good rapport there.

Stay alert here.

Take notice how I was the only one last night after Ken Rosenthal broke the News the Yankees and Rangers are deep in trade talks, to call out it could be a smoke screen. Read this:

Now everyone is saying this as the to afore mentioned articles prove.

Something is 100% in the works here and in the end it 10% appears that Gallo will end up with the Yankees.

Just imagine this 2-3-4 in the Yankees lineup:

DH Giancarlo Stanton – 6’7″

OF Joey Gallo – 6’6″

OF Aaron Judge 6’8″

YIKES how intimidating for any pitcher in the game!

Again it 100% appears that this is going down and sometime soon.

Stay alert my friends!








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