The Miami Dolphins Path to the Playoffs:

The Miami Dolphins are think in the heat of a playoff push. They control a playoff spot. Here’s the multiple ways they make it:

There are several ways. The 1st is the Bills losing out while the Dolphins win out. That’s one of 2 ways to win the division.

The other being Dolphins finish 2-1 beating the while the Bills finish 1-2 with the Dolphins beating the Bills IN BUFFALO by more then the Bills beat Miami in Miami. Not very likely.

The next is just finishing 2-1. Here’s why:

The next 2 weeks the Dolphins play vs NE, and @ LV Raiders.

Easy wins for the Dolphins then @ the Bills and who knows what will happen there. I would project a 2-1 finish.

In winning both they get all the tie breakers against the teams below them and that they are fighting with for the playoff spot while eliminating the Patriots from playoff contention.

The Patriots finish @ the Dolphins, vs the Bills, and @ the Jets.

Guaranteed 1-2 mark and thus good bye.

Other teams that effect things for the Dolphins are the Ravens, Browns, and Colts AND TITANS.

The Dolphins need to both the Browns and Colts finish 1-2 to get past them.

The Dolphins need the Ravens to lose just 1 game to eliminate them.

The Browns finish @ NY Giants, @ NY Jets, home VS the Steelers.

2-1 at absolute best there. If the Giants beat them at home the losses are there.

The Colts finish vs Texans, @Steelers, vs Jaguars.

The Dolphins need the Texans to lose as they own the Texans 1st 2 round picks. No win situation there. 2-1 at bets with the Steelers there though. The losses could be here as well.

Finally the Ravens finish vs Jaguars, vs Giants, @Bengals.

Unless the Jags stun the the Giants are the best hope for the Dolphins here. I still see a 2-1 finish. The Giants and Bengals are still fighting hard.

The Titans finish vs Lions, @Packers, vs Texans.

Another no win game for the Dolphins the final week. The Dolphins need Texans losses. They are not beating Green bay AT Green bay so 2-1 is very likely.

No matter how I look at it some team is going to lose enough that the Dolphins finishing 2-1 makes them a lock for the post season.

This being said this is my fearless playoff prediction:

Yes I have the Dolphins finishing 10-6 and making the post season. They would have a great chance at taking out their former QB Ryan Tanneheill and the Titans a swell.








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