The Yankees have some major, MAJOR holes. Here’s the way to fix them and get this team going again:

Yankees alter ALCS opener lineup for 1st change in playoffs

Lets start with the rotation.

1st I send Jordan Montgomery to the alternate site and give his spot in the rotation to RHP Deivi Garcia

2nd I Move Paxton to the Pen and give his spot to RHP Clarke Schmidt. I then roll with this rotation the rest of the way:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. RHP Masahiro Tanaka
  3. LHP JA Happ
  4. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  5. RHP Deivi Garcia

This gives the Yankees the best chance to win!

The Bullpen:

Get Britton back is huge. I call up Yajure for the rest of the year while sending down Holder. Make him a permanent bullpen arm for this year at least.

I roll with this bullpen:

  1. CP: LHP Aroldis Chapman
  2. SU 1: RHP Adam Ottavino
  3. SU2: LHP Zack Britton
  4. MR1: RHP Chad Green
  5. MR2: RHP Miguel Yajure
  6. MR3: RHP Luis Cessa
  7. MR4: RHP Johnathan Losisiga
  8. MR5: RHP Ben Heller
  9. LR1: James Paxton

A loaded pen with depth again.

Batting Order:

What do the years 2009, 2000, 1999,1998, and 1996 have in common? They are the years the Yankees used 5 or less different starting lineups.

That’s the issue, THIS ABNORMAL RESTING CRAP! ITS CAUSING INJURIES AND SUCH! Also not staying in one spot in the order throws players out of whack!

I set guys in one spot and roll with it. I don’;t change it again. That’s how you get a offense rolling.

Here’s my lineup going forward:

  1. 2B DJ LaMahieu
  2. 1B Luke Voit
  3. DH Mike Ford
  4. C Gary Sanchez
  5. 3B Gio Urshella
  6. CF Aaron Hicks
  7. SS Gleyber Torres(Returning tomorrow or Friday)
  8. RF Clint Frazier(Till Judge Gets Back)
  9. LF Mike Tauchman

That’s it. Let them run in these spots in the order the rest of the year.


  1. C Erik Kraft
  2. C Kyle Higashioka
  3. INF Thairo Estrada
  4. OF Estevan Florial
  5. INF/OF Tyler Wade

I roll with this. Yes I DFA Gardner ASAP. He’s done and has to go ASAP!

Wade goes down when Judge/Stanton gets back, Florial when the other gets back.

Yo have to get guys playing certain rolls and used to where they play. Enough with the ever changing lineups!

Once all are healthy here’s my lineup:

  1. 2B DJ LeMahieu
  2. RF Aaron Judge
  3. DH Mike Ford
  4. LF Giancarlo Stanton
  5. 1B Luke Voit
  6. CF Aaron Hicks
  7. 3B Gio Urshella
  8. SS Gleyber Torres
  9. C Gary Sanchez

Yes I know Sanchez 9th. Let him work on things down there. Keep it loaded from top to bottom as well.

Make the necessary changes Yankees. Drop the Cancer Gardner, ASAP! You can do it and really get going again now! DO IT!


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