How Basketball Refs for the NCAA and NBA Are PURPOSELY Rigging Games

The more basketball I watch the more boring it gets! Its because due to my training as a NBA ref and everything lower I can see exactly how the NCAA and NBA refs are rigging games. I was even able to design an algorithm to show the refs effects. Its why I am always saying and using the term: “Referee Effect”.

So what is referee effect? Its when a refs bad call or no call effects the score directly.

For example take 7’3” BYU Center Matt Haarms, during the NCAA 1st round game against UCLA, while getting flat out mugged while scoring a basket yet getting called for a travel that never happened. That’s 3 points referee effect in UCLA’s favor. It turns to 6 as they got a 3 out of it as BYU’s players were yelling at the refs and distracted over the blatantly BS call.

The final score spread was 11 points.

This one one of numerous calls and no calls by the refs that in the end got a final referee effect score of +39 on UCLA’s side. +10 towards one team is the plateau where the refs have effected the score enough to rig the game. This game had a +39 one way proving the refs were the deciding factor. They caused BYU to play poor by their terrible officiating.

This is not the only game. 15 Seed Oral Roberts had a +87 in their favor to pull off the upset over 2 seed Ohio State. I hate Ohio State yet they EASILY win that game without the horrendous officiating.

How did it get that high? Easy! One call, or no call after another takes baskets or points from OSU and gives points to Oral Roberts.

For a no call that should’ve awarded free throws my algorithm awards 1 point towards the team that should’ve been called for a foul if the fouled player shoots under 75% and 2 if the fouled player shoots over 75%.

In the BYU vs UCLA game there were 79, YES SEVENTY NINE such no calls. 23 in UCLA’s favor, and that leaves 56, FIFTY SIX IN BYU’s!. Leaves a grand total of +27 towards UCLA right there.

See how they rigged it yet?

In the OSU vs ORU game is was 109 total such calls. 41 for ORU and yes 68 for OSU. All totaled here was +63 ORU’s way.

Get it how they are rigging games now? See how fast the refs can effect the score now? I would give more examples as they are infesting this NCAA tourney but I need to move to the NBA now. I have to show some there.

Take the last 30 NBA champs from 1990 to 2020. The referee effect was such in those games, the team that won the title either DOESN’T COME CLOSE TO MAKING THE PLAYOFFS or loses in the 1st round in emphatic fashion. That’s right not a single Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, GS, TOR, or ETC title in that span without massive, MASSIVE referee effect!

So who would’ve won those titles? My algorithm shows the Jazz (Gain 3 titles), Pistons (Gain 2 titles), Sonics (Gain 2 titles for Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen AND SHAWN KEMP), Cavs (They gain 3 titles and lose 1), Heat (Gain 2 more), Knicks and Nets gain 2 more each, ETC.

So what about the current NBA season? What happens to the standings if the refs were more accurate?

Well for starters my algorithm moves the Jazz to a record of 38-3 right now. Drops the suns down to around 20-21. Moves the Lakers down to 23-20. Drops BOTH the Nuggets and Portland well under .500. That’s just part of the Western Conference rigging. The Clippers actually move UP to 30-13 FYI.

In the Eastern Conference my algorithm moves the Pistons to right above the .500 mark at 22-20 without the rigging. Moves the Heat to 31-12, The Raptors (DON’T GET CLOSE TO THE PLAYOFFS THEIR TITLE YEAR AND LET ALONE WINNING THE FINALS), and Celtic’s fall way, WAY below the .500 mark at 10-32 EACH. The raptors are only 7 games above this but still.


(FYI: Wins and losses are calculated as a -11 OR WORSE against a team is flipped to a win and a +11 OR BETTER towards a team is flipped to the loss column.)

This so so far beyond epic cancer to the sport levels its not even funny! Something has to be done to fix this issue!

Remember the article (CLICK HERE to read that one) a few weeks back when I told the story of a SLCC title being rigged to put them in an easier bracket so they would win the NJCAA title which they did? That was in 2009 FYI.

Oddly enough, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE SEXIST OR ANY SUCH THNG BUT, since woman starting officiating men’s college hoops and in the NBA this has gotten EMPHATICALLY worse. I am as baffled as anyone at this. Your guess is as good as mine as to why. I will not try to explain it.

So what can be done? End the fines on players, coaches ETC for calling out he refs WHEN THE REFS ARE WRONG for one. 2 start suspending refs if their call accuracy falls below 95%. Bad no calls on clear violations would also drop said ref call %.

This is a CLEAR EPIDEMIC in Collegiate Hoops, and the NBA that has to be addressed ASAP! I MEAN ASAP!

NOTE: Yes I am working on algorithms for Football and Baseball as well. While the NFL one will take some time to complete, my Baseball one is almost done.




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