The Aaron Boone Situation and Why I Am Not Worried At All

As you heard today, within the last hour, Yankees manager Aaron Boone is going in for surgery today to have a pacemaker installed. Here’s the Yankees themselves announcement:

Aaron Boone then gave this statement on it:

I am not in the least bit worried. Here’s why:

About 14 years ago My LDS Bishop (Preacher, ETC for the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints) had this same procedure done. He has since lived a normal life.

Its a very normal procedure.

To understand it you 1st have to understand what a pacer maker it as what it does.

A Pacemaker is a tiny defibrillator that is put in the chest once a person has a history of irregular heart beat or intermittent myocardial Infarction sets in. The Pacemakerzaps the hear to fix this instantly when it happens.

I knw this as I am a trained EMT. Got the training then decided not to join the paramedics and such. Didn’t feel right.

Anyways calm down everyone as literally 99.9% f people who have this done go on to live absolutely normal lives.

So what can we expect from here?

About a week to as long as 2 months away from the team for Boone. He has to have time to get used to it and heal from the surgery and such. He will be absolutely fine though!








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