MLB Pitcher’s absolutely Have to Be On PEDS!!

We are seeing a unbelievably abnormal amount of pitchers going down with injuries. The only possible solution is the pitchers being on PEEDS.

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From Luis Severino of the Yankees:

To Chris Sale of the Red Sox:

To The Mets Noah Syndergaard:

To the Astros Justin Verladner:

To the Braves Mike Soroka:

To another Yankees righty Tommy Kahnle:

To the Dodgers LHP Clayton Kershaw who is one of the few fortunate enough to now be back:

To the Nationals ACE Max Scherzer who got injured today:

To another Red Sux lefty Eduardo ROdriguez:

To the Angels RHP Shohei Otani yet again (His career as a pitcher is done):



The only possible solution is PEDS!

Its known PEDS weaken muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc to the point they tear easier.

There’s also the fact WAY, WAY, WAY, to many to a unnatural alarming rate of pitchers are throwing 95+ MPH.

Up until around 2012 you could count the pitchers that could do that one one hand…

There’s a reason Roger Clemens was called THE ROCKET and Randy Johnson THE# BIG UNIT!

Its also a known fact there are new PEDS masking agents being used. How do they detect them?

Update the tests for one… 2 increase suspensions for unnatural elements in blood tests.

The MLB 100% HAS TO TAKE ACTION HERE! Here’s a list of players playing right know that are known PED users (Tested positive at some point form the Minors on up):

  1. Nelson Cruz
  2. Robinson Cano
  3. Mike Trout
  4. Albert Pujols
  5. Tim Beckham
  6. Jose Altuve
  7. Mookie Betts
  8. Michael Chavis
  9. Miggy Cabrera
  10. ETC, ETC, ETC

The list goes on and on and on and on… The alarming part is everyone is teammates or workout partners with the injured players.

Something has to be done as this is more than alarming. Way to many are victims of injuries.

This is beyond suspicious…