THE NHL HAS ADMITTED TO RIGGING GAMES! This Now Puts a Stain On ALL Pro and Collegiate Sports!

As researchers have looked into suspicious goings on in the NHL they have now proven the NHL is rigging games for its ratings! THEY EVEN GOT THE NHL TO ADMIT IT!

So if the NHL is ADMITTING TO DO DOING IT then you know all sports including collegiate ones are doing it!

This is so far beyond epidemic levels its not even funny!

How do we trust any team over the last several decades ACTUALLY WON THE TITLE and it wasn’t rigged for them? HELLO BAMA, LAKERS, SPURS, CHEATRIOTS, ETC!

This alone PROVES beyond a doubt the 2004 ALCS was blatantly rigged for ratings! While else would Mariano Rivera’s SERIES ENDING strike 3 INEXPLICABLY get called a ball?

It also proves the 2001 World Series game 7 was rigged against the Yankees for YOU GUESSED IT the ratings that would come by the D-Backs ILLEGAL stunning coming back against baseball greatest ever closer! Yes again you guessed it as well Mariano Rivera had the worst strike zone to work with in Word Series history that inning.

This proves the Spurs, LAKERS, RAPTORS, GS, The BULLS ETC never won titles (Since 1990). They were blatantly rigged for them for ratings!

This proves The Cheatriots, Packers, ETC never won ANY SB titles.

This proves that most champions of their sports leagues the last 30 years (20 for collegiate as that when the odd stuff starts to surface there) are legit!

I took this opportunity to look back and see what title teams in the 3 main pro sports (NBA, MLB, and NFL) won titles to easy or so far out of nowhere you know they were rigged. Where the title teams won games they wouldn’t have without cheating.

I will not do the collegiate or other sports for time saving and its harder to track there.

I will use my algorithms to see the cheating as well as known proven cheating. Also known admittance by refs, umpires and officials for the sports that spoke to me ONLY on the agreement on anonymity and me never leaking who they were and also who admitted to major sports networks about the rigging.

The NBA:

Lets start with the NBA. Will look at each year from 1990 on and see where the cheating was and wasn’t.

1990: The Detroit Pistons win the  NBA Finals 4-1 over the Portland Trailblazers. (Could not find any cheating for the Pistons to win so legit title but Portland loses in the 1st round without the Refs forcing it!).

1991-1993:Bulls cheat to win 3 straight titles. (That’s right my algorithm and numerous inconsistencies AND REFEREE ADMOTTENCE shows Pistons and Sonics actually win these titles and no team that made these finals even gets out of the 1st round AND 2 DON’T EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.).

1994-1995: The Houston rockets win back to back titles with very few inconsistencies and my algorithm shows they were the rightful winners.

1996-1998: The Bulls cheat to win 3 more or was it the league forcing them? The Jazz and Sonics win these titles without even trying if not for this rigging.

1999: The 1st of many illegally won Spurs titles. Far too many inconsistencies and rigging here. The refs admitted to rigging this post season for the spurs. The Jazz win this title otherwise.

2000-2002: The Fakers now cheat to win 3 straight. Rather the league forced it. Yes without the rigging my algorithm shows 2 Pistons titles and a Nets title here.

2003: The 2nd Finals rigged for the Spurs who don’t even make the post season without the refs forcing it. The Nets again were the rightful winner here.

2004: The Pistons finally win one again and rightfully so. Did the NBA relent and let them have one or something? Who knows…

2005: The Spurs blatantly cheat to beat the Pistons. That’s right for the 3rd time the NBA blatantly rigs the finals for the Spurs who yet again were not good enough to even make the post season.

2006: The Heat win their 1st Finals over the Mavericks. While the Mavericks were not good enough to get near these finals, Neither were the Heat. My algorithm shows the Pistons or Jazz should’ve won this year. Take your pick as it was 50/50.

2007: The 4th blatantly rigged title for the Spurs who yet again were not good enough to make the post season and let alone the Finals. The Cavs were the rightful winner this year though the Jazz the rightful NBA finalists in the West.

2008-2010: The NBA blatantly forces the LAKERS to 3 straight finals, winning 2 of them when evidence, referee admittance and my algorithm all show they were not good enough to make the post season. It does say the C’s were good enough to win 1 title but not get to 2 Finals. Hard to say who the real winners of these Finals are due to how blatantly rigged said post seasons were.

2011-2014: The Mavericks yet again make the Finals AND INEXPLICABLY win the title when they were not good enough to make the post season! Evidence, INCLUDING referee admittance, and my algorithm show this. The Heat were the rightful winner this year. The heat made 4 straight Finals and should’ve won 4 straight per my algorithm. I hate LBJ but this is the facts. Yes the Spurs were illegally blatantly forced to win their 5th within this span. The Miami Heat only ended up winning 2 of the 4 they should have here.

2015-2019: The GS Warriors LITERALLY impossibly make 5 straight NBA Finals, winning 3, when not good enough to EVEN MAKE THE POST SEASON! That’s right. My algorithm and evidence of referee rigging prove GS doesn’t even make the post season in the Steph Curry era without the NBA and its cheating refs forcing it! The Raptors don’t either. The Cavs only make 2 of these finals as well.  I could not figure out all of the the right tile winners here BUT 2 rightful Cavs titles robbed (Also at least 1 won when they shouldn’t have won they di as well so it evened out).

2020: The Fakers get blatantly, BLATANTLY forced to win another. Evidence and my algorithm show the Jazz destroy their way through the Playoffs and win the title. That’s 5 titles stolen from the Jazz people! 4 from Jerry Sloan one of the greatest coaches EVER as well.

2021: The Jazz are by far the NBA’s best team despite the refs rigging games against them. My algorithm and referee effect, shows only 3 teams have legit chances at winning the finals this year. Those being the Utah Jazz, Milwaukee Bucks, and Miami Heat. Not even the Clippers stand a chance per my algorithm and calculated referee effect. The Jazz are 68% title chance winner per my algorithm. Watch the NBA now rig it against them…

See the issue? The NBA is so blatantly rigged and has been for decades its not even funny.  They are forcing teams NOT GOOD ENOGH TO MAKE THE POST SEAOSN to win titles. There’s a reason the NBA ratings are tanking fast!

Also certain NBA players have admitted to the league forcing them to sign where they signed or they would’ve gone to other teams and small market teams INCLUDING the Jazz, Pistons, ETC.

The NFL:

1990: The 49ers destroy Denver. Legally won title guys.

1991-1994: The Bills are blatantly forced into and to lose 4 straight Super Bowls they weren’t good enough to even get to. Who would’ve won? Well the Giants rightfully won in 1991 but Dan Marino and the Dolphins would have won AT LEAST 2 if not for the rigging. The Redskins(NOW THE WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM the worst team name in sports…) and Cowboys won won 3 of them wouldn’t have even made the post season if not for the refs forcing it.

YIKES… I think the Giants get another one FYI. My not finished (Almost done but still working referee effect issues into it) NFL algorithm shows the referee effect screwed them out of the post season and Super Bowl titles at east twice.

1995: 49ers clobber the Chargers. Sorry chargers fans. Legally won. HAHA Steve young the greatest Southpaw ever strikes here.

1996: The Cowboys get blatantly forced to beat the rightful SB Champs the Steelers. While the Cowboys were clear playoff team that year, they were not good enough to even get to the NFC title game…

1997: Complete mess between two teams not good enough to even make the post season. Who was the rightful title team this year? Again my algorithm says Dan Marino and the Dolphins…

1998-1999: Broncos go back to back. While they were the rightful AFC champ, they should only have won one. The Falcons got Screwed bigtime. The Packers weren’t good enough to get near the SB either.

2000: The Rams top Tennessee by 6. The titans were not good enough to get near the SB this year. If not for a blatantly botched no call on a CLEAR FORWARD LATERAL the Titans lose in the division round to the Bills. FYI: The Dolphins should’ve won the title for Jay Fielder this season. The Dolphins played and thus project that well. Also gave a near but not equal chance to the Giants who lost that SB.

2001: The Giants finally get to another SB. Only for the Ravens to be blatantly forced to beat them by a ton more then it should’ve been. Maybe to beat them all together. Yes referee admittance and my algorithm show the refs were the only reason it ended 34-7 and not around 21-20 where it should have been… Would the Giants have won if called fair? No way to really know actually due to how fair my algorithm shows it really was.

2002: The 1st of many SB’s blatantly rigged for the Cheatriots (Only term they deserve as they have been caught cheating at least 11 times)  according to Referee admittance! The Cheatriots PROVEN CHEATING as well a major factor here! This proves the Cheatriots don’t even beat the Raiders in the division round that year if not for the refs forcing it! The Steelers were the rightful champ that year.

2003: TB crushes the Raiders: Legally won SB though aided by the refs. Yes TB was the best team that year and would’ve won even without the refs help. Lynch, SAPP, etc were that good!

2004: The 2nd blatantly rigged SB for the Cheatriots! The Cheatriots don’t make the post season this year and let alone get to the against the rightful SB champs the Panthers that year if not for their cheating and the NFL rigging it.

2005: Cheatriots cheat for another one WITH AMPLE HELP FROM THE LEAGUE AND IS CHETAING REFS, stealing it from the rightful champs the Eagles, All time great Head Coach Andy Reid, and Star QB Donovan McNabb.

2006: Steelers top Seahawks in another legally won title. No referee interference detected or admitted to and my algorithm says legally won.

2007: Colts top the bears in another legally won title just like 2006…

2008: Giants finally WIN a SB keeping the biggest cheaters in the history of the sport from a title in another year in which the Cheatriots don’t even make the post season without the refs forcing it.

2009: Steelers pound the Cardinals in a legally won SP my algorithm and the refs used for sources here said. HOWEVER… The AFC Champion Dolphins were the rightful team to meet them in the AFC Title game and may have caused a whole different outcome so… A ton of post season’s change when the Cheatriots cheating is removed and the other AFC and AFC East Teams get their rightful playoff spots.

2010: The Saints top the Colts in a rigged SB per referee admittance. A ref from that game said the NFL forced the refs to rig it for Drew Brees and the Saints. Would the Colts would have won without the refs forcing it? Hard to say but signs and my algorithm point that way. I still think the Saints win myself.

2011: Here we go again with a blatantly rigged SB. After several legally won SB’s with a rigged one thrown in to silence “the game is rigged” crowd! The Packers, a team not good enough to even make the post season beats the rightful champs the Steelers.

2012: The Giants WIN another SB AGAIN keeping the biggest cheaters in the history of the sport from a title in yet another year in which the Cheatriots don’t even make the post season without the refs forcing it.

2013: Ravens top the 49ers in the Harbaugh Bowl. Legally won all signs and such point to.

2014: The Seahawks Pummel the Broncos. 100% RIGGED for the Seahawks to even get there. That’s right referee admittance and my algorithm prove the Seahawks beat NEITHER the Saints or 49ers that post season without the refs forcing it. Referee Admittance and my Algorithm show the Carolina Panthers were the rightful winner that year. Yes sometimes this happens where a team that lost early was the rightful champ.

2015: The Cheatriots strike again in a matchup of 2 teams not good enough to even get out of the Division round without the refs forcing it! Referee admittance and my algorithm show the Colts and Panthers were the rightful SB matchup with the Colts winning that year. What a fun game that would’ve been.

2016: Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10. While my algorithm and the refs admittance show this was the rightful matchup it should have been much closer. Likely the same outcome though.

2017: The Cheatriots strike again in the most blatantly rigged SB ever! Not only was NE not good enough to get near the SB OR EVEN MAKE THE POST SEASON but the Falcons score 50+ points and destroy them if not for the refs forcing NE back illegally. Never again blame the Falcons for this rigged crap! A defense getting gashed through the Falcons 1st 6 offensive possessions simply cannot, OUT OF NOWHERE, shut down the leagues best offense. Fishy and illegal phantom penalties by the refs did that folks. 100% rigged against the Falcons!

2018: The Eagles finally win a SB beating the Cheatriots who were yet again not good enough to get near the post season. Eagles were the rightful Champs though.

2019: The Cheatriots strike yet again to ILLLEGALLY win a SB in a year YET AGAIN they weren’t good enough to get NEAR the playoffs without the refs forcing it. The rightful matchup was Chiefs vs Saints this post season. Who would’ve won? My algorithm projects the Saints in a tightly fought contest over the Chiefs.

2020: The Chiefs defeat the 49ers in what the refs and my algorithm say was a legally won SB. Way to go Coach Andy Reid one of the best ever to do it.

2021: TB wins the 2nd most blatantly rigged SB ever to only the 2017 SB. TB wasn’t good enough to even get out of the Division round LET ALONE TO THE SB. The rightful Champs was the Saints in what would’ve been Drew Brees final game. Unbelievable rigging here.

The NFL is just a rigged as the NBA as you can see. Its a hot mess with declining ratings same as the NBA just not near as fast as the NBA.

The MLB:

1990: Reds top the A’s in a sweep. Legally won.

1991-1992: The Braves literally impossibly lose back to back World Series. My baseball algorithm says they win both without the rigging.

1992-1993: The Jays win back to back World Series due to blatant rigging. The MLB needed a Canadian title so they forced back to back ones. The Phillies got robbed in 1993 per umpire admittance. Said an anonymous MLB Umpire that worked that game, that HR to walk it off was as set up as anything in history! The catcher ON MLB ORDERS told Joe Carter what was coming ANDTHUS HE KNEW what pitch was coming. They had to end the series there to make sure the Jays won it.

1994: The MLB blatantly faked a lockout to keep the Yankees and Donny Baseball (Don Mattingly) from EASILY winning this world series.

1995: The Braves finally win one. Legally won per my umpire sources and my algorithm.

1996: The Yankees finally win one. Legally won as no team that year was better but with a little umpire help I will admit. Here’s how: After the HP umpires for games 1 and 2, who hated the Yankees forced Braves wins, the MLB had to step in and correct it by giving the Yankees games 3 and 4. They however never expected the Yankees to win game 5 though. They thought it would then go 7 games with the Yankees winning in 7.

1997: As rigged as they come. The Marlins LOADED WITH PED USERS were not god enough to get near the World Series! Indians were the rightful Champions.

1998-2000: The Yankees roll through a legally won dynasty. Yes there were PED allegations but they were never proven and no positive PEDS test. Also no other team was even a test for this dynasty team.

2001: 100% rigged against the Yankees. Mariano Rivera had the smallest strike zone ever to work with as the MLB wanted ratings and to stop yet another Yankees title. It worked…

2002: The Angels beat the Giants it a World Series 100% rigged against the Giants. Though I loved watching Barry Bonds, and always wanted the Yankees to sign him, they didn’t for whatever reason, I hated the Giants and was 100% rooting against them. This was there title year though per umpire admittance and my algorithm…

2003: 100% rigged against the Yankees and Cubs. GET THIS: The Cubs EASILY win this world series for PROVEN NEVER TO HEVE USED PEDS, star Cubs OFer Sammy Sosa and his loaded team including Moises Alou and Derrick Lee. The Marlins were literally forced back against the Cubs after they took control of the series. Simply despicable.

2004: The most rigged post season in MLB history. The 2004 ALCS couldn’t have been more rigged from the boxes of syringes found in the Redsox locker room, to the umpires ADMITTING to blatantly rigging it. The Yankees were the rightful champs this season.

2005: The Astros get the royal shaft. Odd thing to say due to what is coming later… Yes the Astros were the rightful champs behind Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte. In fact the White sox don’t make the World Series without the MLB forcing it.

2006: This one is so hard to say. Cardinals win one for the 1st time in a long time BUT.. with 18, YES EIGHTEEN known PED users on this years title team. Yes I do think the Indians were the rightful champ this season.

2007: The blatant cheating Redsox strike again! (NOTE: WHAT IS IT WITH BOSTON AREA SPORTS AND CHEATING TO WIN TITLES?) The Indians were the rightful champs and the Redsux don’t get the the World Series without the MLB and umpires forcing it!

2008: Legally won by the Phillies. Great job Doc Halladay (MAY HE RIP!)!

2009: Legally won by the Yankees. Again yes PEDS allegations but AROD admitted he only took them starting in 2012. with BOTH Cano and Melky Cabrera proven to have only taken them after LAVING THE YANKEES and then becoming teammates with KNOWN PED USERS Nelson Cruz and Guillermo Mota respectively. Thus 2009 is a 100% CLEAN and legally won title.

2010-2011: Where do I start? The Rangers got blatantly, BLATANTLY robbed both years of duly earned Titles. 100% rigged for The Giants and Cardinals who were not good enough to get near the post season and let alone World Series.

2012-2013: Now its the Tigers turn to get the royal shafting by the MLB. 1st blatantly forced to lose to those same PED USING blatant cheating Giants and then the blatantly Cheating Redsox strike again. The Cardinals lost the World Series but yet again umpire admittance and my algorithm say they weren’t good enough to even make the post season. The Tigers were the rightful Champs both these years and the Redsox had no business near that2013 post season and let alone World Series. They were not good enough again per umpire admittance and my algorithm.

2014: The Royals, THE RIGHTFUL CHAMPS, get the royal (NO PUN INTENDED) shaft in a blatantly rigged World Series. The Giants again were not good enough to even make the post season and let alone the World Series. HINT: MadBum always had a unnaturally, ILLEGALLY large K-zone didn’t he?

2015: The Royals finally win what should’ve been their 2nd straight title. Legally won as well I will add.

2016: The Cubs defeat the umpires and MLB to win their 1st world series in 106 years (SHOULD’VE BEEN ONLY 13 years! How many other world series and post seasons were rigged against the cubs to keep the blatantly fake curse of the Billy Goat alive?). That’s right the MLB blatantly rigged games 3 and 4 to force the Indians to a 3-1 lead hoping they would then EASILY win. They are the rightful world series team but without umpire interference the Cubs win, AT HOME in 5 games.

2017: YIKES… The most illegally, blatant cheatingly won World Series ever. Not only were the umpires in the Astros pockets but we know the Astros illegally stole signs which the Redsox did the following year. The Yankees are and were 100% the rightful Champions in the 2017 season.

2018: As I just mentioned blatant cheater Alex Cora (HOW THE *^&$ WAS HE NOT BANNED OR LIFE?) took the sign stealing blatant cheating with him to the Redsux to illegibly steal another World Series. As you can tell the curse of the Bambino never ended… The Dodgers were EASILY the rightful Champions this year with the Yankees the rightful AL Champions. HINT: As I have said and will ALWAYS SAY adding 1 hitter NO MATTER IF ITS BABE RUTH, BARRY BONDS, SAMMY SOSA or etc CANNOT FIX N OFFENSE! The Redsox offensive spike this year is and was literally impossible!

2019: The Nationals win the 1st ever World Series in which the home team won every game. That’s 1st ever title as well. Let me make this clear THE ASTROS WERE NOT GOOD ENOGH TO EVEN MAKE THE POST SEAOSN ANY OF THE YEARS 2015-2020! 100% rigged for them to get there and for them to win this 2020 World Series BUT… the Nats pitching was so good they IN THE END stole it!

Also a clutch Howie Kendrick HR helped a ton! It was supposed to go foul but someone hit the foul pole. Remember that electro magnet system in the core of the baseball Japan invented? YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE THE MLB IS USING IT! Go watch the stunned looks on the Astros and Nats players and coaches and EVEN THE UMPIRES when that hit the foul pole. If not for the umpires the Nats sweep the Astros but the MLB just had to BLATANTLY rig games 4, 5, and 6 to help the Astros win it. The Nats somehow prevailed in the end.

2020: The Dodgers finally in AND RIGHTFULY SO!!! The Rays don’t get by the Yankees without the umpires blatantly forcing it. The Dodgers were the rightful Champions per my algorithm and umpires admittance and should be their 2nd Word Series title in 3 years.

As you can see the MLB is as rigged as any other sport. Simply despicable what has become of America’s game and past time.

Has this kind of thing been happening all along? MAYBE.. The Black Sox sandal when players called it out and subsequently got banned from the game may be proof of that!

HOWEVER… Baseballs ratings are on the rise again but slowly. If Baseball wants them to be back where they were they need to FIRED Rob Manfred ASAP and stop the pace of play, Luxury tax/salary cap crap NOW ONCE AND FOR ALL!


So as we move into future sports seasons and through current ones WHAT CAN WE EXPECT?

Well the MLB took a move this morning to combat cheating in baseball by making it an emphasis to attack the use of foreign substances put on the baseballs by pitchers.

Mark my words the Rays, Indians, Astros and other teams pitchers, IN FCAT, 80% of pitchers in the game AT LEAST, are about to get very, VERY bad. IE TREVOR BAUER!!!!!!!!!!

This is a start. Not the complete fix. The complete one is actually root out the PEDS issue within the game and not a fake investigation my Mr. Mitchell and then fix MLB umpiring by removing protections on Umpires (THE NFL AND NBA NEED THIS AS WELL FOR THEIR Refs/Officials). Actually suspend them for bad officiating of games and such!

Remember its all about the ratings and $$.

Even the New York times (YOU KNOW I DO NOT TRUST THEM SO THIS IS A VRY ODD) did an article on this rigging: CLICK HERE to read it!

All Sports right now are a complete mess due to the evil people running them that are only after ratings and $$! This has to be stopped.

I can only shake my head at this blatant rigging and criminal actions in pro sports! Where’s the comeuppance? When will those causing this finally pay for their crimes? It sadly may never happen!




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