Why Black Outs Are Destroying Pro Sports

As I was growing up in the Salt Lake, Utah area after we moved their from Idaho Falls, Idaho. I used to love flipping on KJAZZ TV and watching the Jazz games. It got me excited and made me want to got to Jazz games. Every Jazz game was a sell out as well.

THEN BLACKOUTS STARTED. I have no clue who’s brain dead idea it was but once they started the sell outs stopped. #’s stared dropping fats. Until the seasons where the Jazz were the best in the league like this past season no sell outs happened.

Fans have been losing interest ever since.

Here’s another such story:

Its common place for people who get to watch the games to want to go to them and let TV before those who couldn’t get in. Its the perfect plan!

Black outs are brain dead. They serve no purpose at all! They only hurt the game.

Take where I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho (I moved back HAHA), I am blacked out from Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, and Seattle Mariners games AND FOR WHAT REASON? I live 19 hours from Phoenix, 20 from Denver (Due to the hard drive there through mountains and such and it being so indirect), and 15 hours from Seattle. I AM NOWHERE NEAR LOCAL TO ANY MLB TEAM. WHY AM I BLACKED OUT AS WELL???

All the black out are doing is stopping exposure to games for everyone living in the Snake River valley.

Black outs stop people from seeing the game and stops people from becoming fans.

Fans in Iowa are rampantly complaining about the black outs that stopped the from watching the field of dreams game! Rob Manfred has said he will address them!

I love Randy Richardson’s point at the top of it.

WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG? Will this be included in the next CBA?

What ever it takes it has to be done NOW!




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