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MLB Offseason Player Movement Tracker:

Here is a list of moves done in the 2022-2023 MLB offseason THAT WILL BE UPDATED WITH EVERY NEW MOVE! 131 MLB players become FA’s: Rockies acquire RHP form the Braves and Braves get OFer from the Rockies: Mets over pay to keep Edwin Diaz: LHP Carlos Rodon has opted out of his deal with […]

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The Real Way to FIX Suspensions and Such in the AMERICAN Sports(MLB, NBA, NFL, and even NCAA):

Sports in the USA are in major, MAJOR trouble due to suspensions, cheating AND ETC not being handled right. I have had the perfect idea how to fix this for a while now. Here it is: (NOTE: Please donate at Cashapp: $TheKingSource to keep my amazing content coming! The way to do it is I […]

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Disecting’s post lock out MLB FA predictions:

In an article this morning made their post lockout FA predictions. Some are spot on yet others are completely brain dead. Lets take a look! Here’s their article: Correa and Rizzo, I'll take that MLB rumors: Predicting post-lockout signings | Carlos Correa or Freddie Freeman to Yankees? — Bobby Milone (@BobbyMilone29) December 17, […]

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Free Agent SS Market Update:

We are getting more and more info about what the SS Market will look like. Lets take a lookin ranked order: 1st here’s a primer from Mark Fiendsand: The World Series gets underway on Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead a little. It’s the debut of the Hot Stove Beat Report! Shortstops, […]

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I Have No Patience for Fans Who Do Not Follow Proper Conduct Behaviors! Be human people!

More and more I am seeing fans running onto fields and doing things they should never do such as throw things at players. This has no place in this world or sports. I have zero respect for such actions! They are just plain childish and low. Just the other day a YANKEES fan threw a […]

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The more and more I am involved with and watch pro sports the more suspicious they become. Several unbelievably suspicious things have happened this week and TODAY alone. I keep finding them… Here’s a few: The 1st I will share, is ESPN’s Jeff Passan HELPING CPVERUP known proven cheating by Jose Altuve and the Astros. […]

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The King Source’s Sports Algorithm and How It Works.

Many have asked so I am drawing this article up to describe my Sports Algorithm and how it works for the different Sports. To start, its based of what I call +Referee Effect, +Umpire Effect, and +Officials Effect on games. It’s a common sense and mathematical formula to calculate the effects on games by those […]

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THE NHL HAS ADMITTED TO RIGGING GAMES! This Now Puts a Stain On ALL Pro and Collegiate Sports!

As researchers have looked into suspicious goings on in the NHL they have now proven the NHL is rigging games for its ratings! THEY EVEN GOT THE NHL TO ADMIT IT! *Decades* of data prove the NHL actively encourages its refs to "game manage" – to call games in a way that keeps them close, […]

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What Sports Equipment Brands Does The King Source Play Sports With?

People always ask me which brands of sports equipment I use. Lets take look: For Basketballs: I love the Spalding T-1000’s though the college Nike’s are okay as well. I have one I have over used and thus will be getting a new one very soon. Here’s an example and click on this picture to […]

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The Other Side of the Game! The Officiating and Player, Owner, AND LEAGUE(S) Caused Epidemic!

As I learned baseball, basketball, and football more and more, I learned more and more how 1 bad call can effect a whole game. 1 pitch or play called wrong, 1 penalty, foul, strike, you name called wrong or not at all, and ETC. Let’s take a look at this now.  Remember I am coming […]