The Trade Deadline…. WHAT HAPPENED?

It was a bizarre trade deadline for the Yankees. It made no sense…. Lets go ahead and dive in!

MLB trade deadline: Yankees' Brian Cashman explains why he did nothing -

Cashman himself confirmed he had talks for every player rumored but nothing ‘materialized’… Such a odd statement.

Players the Yankees were after went cheaper then expected. Others, IE Clevenger, went far more expensive then expected. Good on the Yankees for not trying it!

The Indians demanded Schmidt, Garcia, and Frazier for Clevenger. Far, FAR to high price! Once again just the Indians messing with the Yankees. Just like Bauer, Kluber, ETC!

So why did the Yankees do nothing at all? That’s what all want to know! My 1st thought is Cashman;s hands were completely tied by Hal Stienbrennor.

All the signs for that are there.

Then something that hit me was RHP Deivi Garcia’s amazing debut in Sunday’s night cap win. He proved beyond a doubt he is a MLB starter. A good one.

This got me thinking, are RHP Deivi Garcia, RHP Clarke Schmidt, RHP Miguel Yajure(Just had amazing 3 IP of scoreless ball MLB debut), and OF Estevan Florial (1-3 with a single in his MLB debut) the Yankees trade deadline additions?

It makes sense. Hal ties Cashman’s hands due to great MLB debuts… He’s hogging money till the offseason…

Lets hope the Kids prove their worth and prove the Yankees standing pat does not hurt them.

The Yankees world series odds didn’t move as they remain heavy World Series favorites in the AL:

Lets hope the Yankees play reflects this, they get hot and take back the division and roll through the AL playoffs!








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