The Other Side of the Game! The Officiating and Player, Owner, AND LEAGUE(S) Caused Epidemic!

As I learned baseball, basketball, and football more and more, I learned more and more how 1 bad call can effect a whole game. 1 pitch or play called wrong, 1 penalty, foul, strike, you name called wrong or not at all, and ETC. Let’s take a look at this now. 

Remember I am coming at this from the umpires point of view having been through the same training and knowing what they look for and are supposed to be looking for. I know what to look for to see if a ref makes the call on purpose.  

This training and experience also has given me a unparalleled knowledge of the sports rules and such. Refs, Umpires, and officials are supposed to restudy the rule book for their sports every year after the change’s are made. Thus t ensure they understand every rule. I do this every year myself!

On the player side its more knowing how to play the sports and this analyzing off of that knowledge having payed them and such.  

I have never owned a pro sports team but I have family that did and does. Thus I have an idea of what goes on there! 

As such lets take a deep look into what’s really going on in sports.

1st lets look at what I perfectly called from a recent Yankees game about a terrible mistake by a player that cost his team:

As you can see Gardner’s drawing a walk really hurt the Yankees over the next few innings. They went on to win the game but this did not help. This hurt things.

Having your best hitter lead off an inning is ALWAYS plan A! Always what you want!

A NFL example is a QB taking the check down pass instead of throwing for the 1st down and the team stalls out on the drive.  or not seeing a wide open receiver. Thus causes then to end up losing the game.

A NBA example is going for a 2 point shot with a 3 pointer is desperately needed. I see it way to much. A last minute push to tie the game and they settle for a 2 when 3’s are manditory causing them to lose games.

A NFL ref not calling a penalties because he wants the offending players team to win. 


Another example, this time of the umpiring side, is the AL WC game in 2015. Particularly the bottom of the 1st, 2nd and 8th innings.

In all 3 innings, all 3 hitters and got out took a 3 ball pitch CLEARLY OUTSIDE THE STRIKE ZONE for called strikes. If called right its 1-0 Yankees in the 1st with the bases juiced and NONE DOWN! Dame things happened in the bottom of the 2nd and bottom of the 6th. That’s what you call blatant, BLATANT rigging. The Yankees score 6+ runs that game otherwise.

This is one of very, VERY many examples. Another one is the 2003 NLCS in which the Cubs were blatantly rigged out of the NLCS and chance at the World Series ring that was rightfully there’s. The umpires fail to call fan interference and then start squeezing the crap out of Cubs pitchers strike zones forcing the Marlins rally from 3-1 down in the series.

When ever there’s a major post season comeback I get suspicious and investigate. I did. The umpire’s after that blown call on the fan interference, turned on the Cubs and rigged the rest of the series against them!

Same thing happened in the 2004 ALCS after Mariano Rivera HIT THE STRIKE ZONE with the game and series ending strike three in game 4. The umpire ILLEGAL:Y called it a ball and the rest is evil, rigged history!

This kind of rigging happens every year it seems or 21 of the last 30 Word Series Champions DON’T EVEN MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! Teams learn to feed off this and learn from it and use it in games.

The umpires can literally decide the outcomes of games, Series, DIVISION RACES, and even post season series and titles by how they call balls and strikes. 

Hitters can as well with botching 1 AB as I emphasized with Gardner earlier.

So how do we fix this? Its possible on the officiating side!

With hitters its knowing when to take an out or get on base. That’s the easier part.

For Baseball’s Umpires by using the system I designed earlier to outlaw catcher framing and fix ball and strike calls.

See here: 

The Real Way to Fix MLB Umpiring Issues:

This is literally an epidemic in pro sports. Even college sports now where refs are forcing teams to win numerous games and deciding conference titles.  

Take the WCC tourney this past week. The refs called over 40 fouls on BYU while less then 30 on their opponents forcing BYU to try and win it playing clear 5 on 8.

This is as I described in another article I wrote last year the exact way refs rig games. With carefully timed and called violations. 

Just go check twitter about the WCC tourney and you will see ENDLESS complaints about the refs. 

For another example in the NFL the refs let Tom Brady’s (THE BNGGEST CHEATER IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL) O-line get away with UMERIOUS holding penalties which in turn forces points and forces his team to win. 

Refs know if they time penalties right they screw over drives that otherwise score points or continue drive that score points that would not have otherwise. 

Now I would be the 1st to admit refs, umpires, and officials will miss calls. Its part of being human BUT… its becoming so rampant IT MUST BE ON PURPOSE!

We are even seeing replay booths and replays called so bad they must purposely be wrong. ON PURPOSE!

Just look at the end of the WCC woman’s title game again. Replay clearly shows the clock started a minute late thus the only decision(s) the refs have are replay it with the clock started right or not count the bucket. THE REFS DID NEITHER thus rigging the game. THIS HAD TI BE ONO PURPOSE!

I see such ON PURPOSE bad calls by refs on college football, the NFL, the NBA, and YES EVEN MLB! 

This is an epidemic that needs fixing asap. 

Part of the issue is no punishments of refs/umpires/officials. That has to change ASAP as well! For the fairness of the game(s)! Install suspension UNPAID on umpires/refs/officials, removal from games for making what seems like ON PURPOSE calls, and etc. IT CNA BE DONE!

Another MAJOR part of the problem is fans only believe this happens when they can see it. That is the only time they call it out. 

It happens all the time in front of their faces! It boggles my mind how they cannot see it. Perhaps its my pro umpire, referee, and official’s training that gives me the insight to see it where they cannot.  

Another part of the issue, again a very major one, star treatment. This has rigged more games then anything. 

NBA players allowed to travel at will as the NBA refs are afraid to piss them off because ‘They are a star”. 

MLB pitchers getting called strikes OUT OF THE STRIKE ZONE as they are considered a “star” and thus should get said calls. 

NFL players getting a penalty called that WAS NOT COMMITTED because they area “star” or not having a blatant one called on them because they are a “star”.

As I said officiating in sports is the worst it has ever been. 

The NBA ratings are tanking lately due to it. The NBA just had its lowest rated all star game EVER by a unbelievably wide margin due to this. The fans are sending a clear message.

The last MLB World Series (By far higher rated then any other sport(s) but still one of the lowest rated in MLB history) and NFL Super Bowl had their lowest ratings in a long time and if not ever. Even last years NBA finals had the  lowest ratings in 7 years and 3rd lowest ever.

Even the NCAA college football playoff was the lowest rated ever. Same with last years NCAA tourney.

Fans don’t want to watch rigged crap or the same teams literally impossibly winning year after year after year after year! 

Pro and collegiate sports have a major, MAJOR problem! 

One final example from Junior College at SLCC when I worked there as an interim assistant athletic director.


One day after I left the refs into their [private locker room before a men’s basketball game, I stopped to check on their drink supply, (Schools host games are required to provide Gatorade and such for refs, umpires and officials) before heading to the game floor to make sure things were set up there.

I overheard the refs taking a phone call from NJCAA head officials. The guys running the country wide NJCAA sports.

I was literally sickened to my stomach and appalled by what I heard… 

Quote (They had a desk phone on speaker phone so all refs could hear it. They also presumed I had left the room.):

Head Ref for the game: “Hello, this is Fred Jones, I am the head ref tonight.” (Real names will not be posted for security purposes and such!) 

NJCAA Rep: “Hi Fred, other refs, this is the official for tonight’s game, we need to you rig it against SLCC but don’t let anyone there know.”

Head Ref: “Why what’s in it for us?”

NJCAA Rep: “We have to have SLCC lose due to bets on the game. You will get bonus checks if they lose.”

Head Ref: “You got it. We’ll talk to you later!”

NJCAA Rep: Thanks, get it done or you are done as refs!. Goodbye!’

*Call is over*

WAIT WHAT? The refs really just agreed to rig the game for $$? 

You bet they did! And guess what happened? 

SLCC lost the game against a team they blew out earlier that season by over 30 pints ON THAT TEAMS COURT, by 9 points. SLCC had players and coaches ejected as well. The other team did not. SLCC was complaining he whole game about obvious biased calls. So were the fans. 

HOWEVER… It ended up helping SLCC win the NJCAA title and certain bets about them winning were won and major $$ split by the NJCAA heads WHO PLACED THE BETS! 

SLCC ended up in a far easier bracket due to that loss and bulldozed their way to the Title. 

If you think refs, umpires, and officials aren’t out to rig games you have another thing coming. 

I later met one of these refs and questioned him on it and his replied: “What would you do? Accept the $25,00 or lose your job forever?”

Wake up people! Its a money business! 

Why else is the MLB pushing the blatantly UNEEDED pace of play rules?


The players, Owners, and the league all make millions and billions each year from this fraud against the fans. 

Even horse racing is rigged so the people running the gambling part control where the $$ go and keep the most they possibly can!

Its all a money game! What ever the league(s), race track owners, ETC believes will make them the most $$$ they will do!

Including rigging the sports leagues so certain teams win and certain teams do not. 

IE: Allowing Michael Jordan to commit a blatantly offensive foul without a call so the “Small Market” Utah Jazz don’t win the title. Will this again happen this year? 

The final point I will make is the blatant, BLATANT lie called “Small Market Teams”… This is a blatant, BLATANT fictional term.

Leagues use t to have an excuse to not allow such teams to spend or win titles while the owner banks and thus doesn’t care. 

Did you know so long as a team has 500,000 fans in the near by area the owner of the team makes AT LEAST HALF A BILLION from ticket sales, merchandise sales, TV revenue, AND ETC?

Its true! 

As such, in all reality there is no such thing as a small market team! 

Thus why all the publicity and such around the Jazz including them having the best record in the league by 3+ games is s suspicious to me.

Why are they being allowed to do this? Perhaps we’ll never know! Perhaps its the NBA forcing a SMALL MARKET team to win a title as they do every 5 to7 years to fend of the rigging accusations. 


All Sports from even high school (In certain area’s only like Texas) to the pro’s are blatantly rigged in every way! The players are even in on it to get better contracts and such. 

I will not dig deeper but will continue to pay attention to it.

I am not stupid. I know there’s Billion and Billions and if not trillions of $$ in play here. Its rampant fraud but what can one reporter do about it?

Just PLEASE, PLEASE fans wake up and smell the roses! See what is going on before your very eyes! For the sake of your health. 

All sports are now rigged for the MONEY. Realize this ASAP! It will help your health and fandom!




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