The West Coast CFB guys put out the dumbest article EVER today in claiming Utah has better position groups in which they don’t even compare to BYU!

Take a look:

YIKES…. Talk about bad…

Lets give the real break down:

QB: MASSIVE, MASSIVE Edge BYU! Utah cannot even compare to BY’s 3 IN GAME EXPERIENCED QB’s, and then 4* QB Jacob Conover.

RB: Edge BYU. Yes Tyler Alger is that dominant! BYU has depth here Utah does not as well!

WR: UNBELIEVABLY MASSIVE EDGE TO BYU! No team in the country has the WR talent BYU has after the Nacua Bro’s transferred in to BYU!

TE: MASSIVE EDGE BYU! Utah has no player EVEN CLOSE to the 6’7″ 268 pound Isaac Rex’s caliber and talent!

O-Line: Massive Edge BYU! BYU has the nations top O-Line that just had 4, FOUR guys get into the NFL this past draft season. They are loaded back up with game experienced replacements and will dominate again! While Utah will have a ok to good O-Line it won’t be close to near BYU’s tops in the nation level

D-Line: Slight edge BYU. BYU has more depth and experience then Utah. BYU is far bigger as well averaging 6’4″ 328 pounds to Utah’s 6’2″ 313 pounds.

LB’s: Again edge to BYU! BYU has far, FAR more depth, experience, and size here!

Secondary: About even to slight BYU edge.  BYU has far, FAR more depth but the experience is around the same.

Special Teams: EVEN! BYU has far more experience and a better place kicker but we’ll see about the punt game which Utah has the better one.

Coaching: Edge to BYU! Whittingham is a failing coach in a failing P5 program! The PAC 12 has even flopped since Utah got in! Utah is bring the PAC 12 down fast! BYU is building up and such and has a great coaching staff all around and especially if Aaron Roderick pans out as OC!

Compare this to the brain dead one by the biased A-holes at West Coast CFB:

Yikes what brain dead takes! Couldn’t be worse if they wanted them to be!

Overall: BYU is the far, FAR better team now. Better all around and so underrated is so many places!








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