Where the Yankees Issues Lie

The Yankees have major issues that must be addressed ASAP! What are they and how to they get fixed? Lets address them!

What we are seeing is so far beyond struggling its not even funny. The swings we are seeing from Yankees hitters are so bad they have to be on purpose!

The Yankees are the only team taking such bad swings as well. Other teams may have a player or 2 looking this bad but not the whole dang team like the Yankees.

I have been around baseball from my T-ball days to now covering the the MLB for my own website here, its now for over 30 years. Let me make this clear, I never seen a team look this bad ever! Not even the worst little league teams look this bad.

So then, what are we really seeing? A purposeful attempt by the players to get rid of a manager they hate? A purposeful tanking of a season? WHAT?

I have to wonder if the Players are even trying at this point. The swings and such are that bad.

The change started as soon as Gardner got resigned (100% brain dead move and Gardner is proving yet again the Cancer he is as the Yankees are 1-7 in games he has played this year!) as some players instantly started to flop including Frazier, Torres, and Sanchez. Gardner is a terrible presence around this team and a flat out cancer!

The other part is where is the leadership on this team holding them accountable?

The team Manager Aaron Boone is a a wuss who, AT 48 YEARS OLD, is to busy crying about getting bullied by umpires to lead any team! Remember when he was hired that I said any manager could lead this team to 100+ wins? I am proven right yet again!

The answer here then must be to fire Boone and hand the reigns to Buck Showalter who is not only already a Yankees employee but is ready and waiting!

The other issue is play so the umpires cannot effect you. Yes its possible.

How a team does that is set a strategy at the plate they do not normally use. Such as going for a single every swing and early in the count every AB. For Pitching never miss the zone. Force the umpires hands.

What ever the reason, the Yankees struggles are not just struggles. No team ever plays this bad collectively.

This goes so far beyond struggling its not even funny.

1 example of this is Sanchez, Stanton, and Judge continually swinging at pitches they know were never near the zone when they have to know the scouting report the last 5 years on them is those down and away breaking pitches.

Thames cannot be such a bad hitting coach as to never even attempt to stop such swings right? he’s never even tried to address this with them it seems! Never even tried to a\djust their plate approaches and such. Its beyond incompetence at this point. Its straight up mal practice on Thames part.

The other part the reeks on how bad Thames is, the fact its literally impossible for a whole team to struggle so bad you can see every players swing out of whack when these guys use their swings thousands of times to the point its impossible to get out of whack! We are seeing early off balance swings. Feet not getting down. THE SIMPLEIST OF THINGS!

Its so bad the Yankees are literally the only team in baseball not destroying hangers! The Yankees are only hitting on average of 26% of hangers swung at. The MB average is 81.3%… The Yankees  happen to be LITERALLY the only team las taking 55% of hangers seen FOR CALLED STRIKES! THIS IS AS ALARMING AS IT GETS!

Something is very, VERY wrong in Yankees land that need to be fixed ASAP!

Fixing this blatant cancerous issue is part of firing Boone and letting Buck Showalter take over and higher the hitting coach he wants that he knows can do a great job. GET IT DONE ASAP CASHMAN!

The last fix is MULTIPLE major mid season trades to jump start the team. May I suggest a few based of current rumors?


Yankees get:

1B Anthony Rizzo, C Wilson Contreras

Cubs Get:

1B Luke Voit, C Gary Sanchez, RHP Clarke Schmidt, RHP Luis Cessa, and RHP Brooks Kriske

Works for both sides. Yankees fix major infield defensive issues and get the LH power they need. The Cubs get much needed depth and pitching and a bit younger.

Trade 2:

Yankees Get:

SS Trevor Story, OF Charlie Blackmon, and RHP German Marquez

Rockies Get:

RHP Domingo German, SS Gleyber Torres, RHP Luis Media, LHP Lucas Leutge, and OF Estevan Florial.

I have to include Torres at this point as he’s literally forcing his way out. You know why.

A great trade both ways. Yankees bite the bullet to get a proven star SS and fix more infield defense. The Rockies jump start their rebuild.

Whatever the trades Cashman is setting up, in the end, turn out to be, they are coming and fast. Likely in Late June to Early July. Also extensions will happen as well of course.

The fixes MUST HAPPEN NOW! Cashman and the Yankees have absolutely no choice! GET THEM DONE! They can’t wait any more! They must act now!








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