Whatever Recruiting Advantage Utah Had Over BYU is Officially Gone!

Its been said since Utah joined the PAC 12 that they gained a massive recruiting advantage. Well recent BYU commits are proving its 100% gone and BYU may in fact now have the advantage!

Last week BYU Landed 4* recruit Noah Moeaki(Listed as a 4* Recruit on most websites):

Now earlier today BYU has landed 4* Recruit Cody Hagen(Listed as a 4* Recruit on all websites):

That’s 2 Unbelievably huge steals for BYU!

Things have definitely shifted n a major way to BYU!

This isn’t all. BYU also stole 4* DE Talin Togiai(Listed as a 4* Recruit on almost all websites) from Utah:

3 absolutely unbelievable recruiting steals for BYU now!

So amazing to watch BYU take over the recruiting scene from Utah!

Whatever advantage Utah has is completely gone! Recruits are not even giving Utah the time of day before jumping on BYU offers right now.

WOW what an abrupt massive change! Everything is looking up for BYU while Utah falls apart before out eye’s!

Its now even expected Kyle Whittingham will take the USC job and get out of the mess that is Utah.

BYU’s assassination of Utah is rolling forward! BYU is full system’s go into the BIG 12 while the PAC 12 is a failing crap heap.

Some predictions have UCLA, USC, Arizona, and ASU bolting for the BIG 12 while Oregon, Washington, WSU, Stanford, and Cal try for the B1G within the next few years! Utah could and likely will get completely left out and left to rebuild the PAC 12 with Oregon State and Colorado…

My goodness what amazing times for BYU!

The question now is who moves faster for BSU (Boise State) The Pac 12 or the Big 12?








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