Are Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert Friends or NOT?

As we move into February and the 2nd half of another season the rumors are back that Jazz guard Donovan Mitchel and Jazz center Rudy Gobert are not getting along…

Take a look:

Well my sources and others again say its fake!

From Tony Jones:

Not just from him either:

Several others as well.

To me this is another lame attempt to break up the Utah Jazz. The NBA has always hated the Jazz for some reason and always will. Otherwise the Jazz have 3+ titles right now while GS, The Spurs, ETC have ZERO!

Its also the fact the league cannot stand seeing the Utah Jazz of all teams with MULTIPLE Super stars as this Jazz fan points out:

It definitely appears like another hoax. Nothing smells right about it.

Don’t buy it guys!

I strongly caution all Jazz fans against believing any such rumor about the Jazz. It can never be the truth!








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