How The Yankees Fix Their Offensive Woes! IE: LEFTY POWER BATS!

The Yankees offensive issues are getting exposed each every game! They are still winning but due to their amazing pitching not their offense!

How do they fix their offensive issues though? BY ACQUIRING AT LEAST 2 LEFTY POWER BATS ASAP!

“Why?” You ask?

This to disrupt the line of Righties who pitchers keep mowing through.

Its so Simple!

The Dodgers used left handed power bats to destroy the Rays pitching this past World Series.

The Rays have geared their staff to get righties out. THE YNAKEES ARE LOADED WITH RIGHTES.


The Yankees DESPERATELY need to add AT MINIMUM of 2 lefty power bats ASAP!

Again Its how the Dodgers destroyed the Rays pitching this past World Series.

Its how to have a great, CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER lineup!

Take a look back at LAST 25 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS AND WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN COMMEN? They all have lefty power bats! Multiple lefty power bats at that!

Without LEFTY POWER HITTER Hideki Matsui, the Yankees very likely get swept in the 2009 world series and have no chance to win it.

That said…

What are the Yankees full options?

  1. OF/1B Charlie Blackmon – COL
  2. 1B Ryan McMahan – COL
  3. 1B Anthony Rizzo – CHC
  4. 1B Eric Hosmer – SD
  5. INF/OF Joey Gallo – TEX
  6. INF Jose Ramirez – CLE
  7. OF Cedric Mullins – BAL
  8. OF/1B Parker Meadows – DET
  9. OF Corey Dickerson – MIA
  10. OF Estevan Florial – YANKEES
  11. OF Jasson Dominguez – YANKEES
  12. C/1B/OF Austin Wells – YANKEES
  13. INF/OF Trevor Hauver – YANKEES
  14. OF Christian Yelich – MIL
  15. INF Brandon Belt – SF
  16. INF Brandon Crawford – SF

As you can see they have some VERY promising options rising through the system very fast. Also several big names available. The Yankees have plenty of options here!

Well… how do they go about getting said lefty power bats?

To start DFA Ford, Wade, and ESPECIALLY Gardner ASAP! They are badly, BADLY hurting the team. They have a combined batting average under .150…

Gardner’s .187 AND FALLING FAST is doing nothing to help! Gardner also SINGLE HANDIDLY cost the Yankees the game letting a 100% CATCHABLE BALL FALL THAT AY COMPITENT OFer GETS TO causing a 2 run 2 OUT Rays rally in the 1st.

That said, and going off CURRENT RUMBLINGS, the most likely trade target(s) for the Yankees, BY FAR right now are Anthony Rizzo, Joey Gallo, and Charlie Blackmon OR Ryan McMahon with Trevor Story.


Trade for Trevor Story and Charlie Blackmon or Ryan McMahan. You fix SS and get a lefty power hitter even if Torres ends up in the package.

Then trade for Joey Gallo or Anthony Rizzo even if Voit is in the trade package. (NOTE: As the Cubs are moving towards extending Kris Bryant, that makes Anthony Rizzo readily available.)

1B Anthony Rizzo also remains the best defensive 1B in the league.

Anyway you look at it, the Yankees have options to get some lefty power bats. Its not hard.

It Will take losing some prospects Cashman loves way to much, but still, IT HAS TO BE DONE!

Its time to bite the bullet… The Yankees ABSOLUTELY have to get pitchers out of robot mode on facing so may righties.

Also it is the only way to fix Torres, Frazier, and other young hitters. The balance would calm them down or if involved in said trades they head to teams where they can succeed.

Again I say, such moves would give the Yankees, the desperately need the lineup balance they will create.









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