I Saw a TWEET Today that Really, REALLY Bugged Me, so I Did a Little Research on it!

Today while doing my Dailey reading on Twitter I noticed this tweet:

The more I thought it over the more it bugged me so I researched it. Lets see what I found about the 4 FA SS’s that are F’s:

Lets start with Trea Turner:

Interesting… Average arm, Outs Above average little bit low, Kinda odd for a supposed TOPS IN THE GAME SS!

Now lets look at Carlos Correa:

Great arm, terrible, TERIRBLE outs above average! WOWZA!

Now lets look at Dansby Swanson:

One of the best possible in OUTS ABOVE AVERAGE but NO ARM AT ALL! Interesting!

Finally lets look at Xander Bogarts:

Another incredibly outs above average but with ABSOLUTELY ZERO ARM! WOW!

So it Appears Turner looks pretty good defensively now doesn’t he?

Lets compare Fielding% and Errors now:

Trea Turner:

So that 16 Errors, and a FIELDING% of .969 (DOWN YEAR FOR SURE!) for Turner. Lots of game sat 2B as well.

How abouts Carlos Correa:

1st thing I notice is just 132 game splayed. Quite odd. 8 errors and a .983 FIELDING% though which is well above average for him.

Now for Dansby Swanson:

By far the best defensively of the 4 SS’s with 89 errors and a .986 FIELDING% in 161 games BUT AGAIN WAY ABOVE AVERAGE.

Finally Xander Bogarts:

.983 FILEDING % again with 10 errors in 146 games which is well above average again. A goof bit of games at 3B as well.


Notice the defensive WARS are all nearly identical at 1.1 give or take BUT… SWNASON’s (2.0) being miles ahead.

So going off all this info we now know that Turner is not miles behind the rest or even a risk to age worse defensively then any other.

Also tells me that Dansby Swanson is by far the bets and Bogarts the worst of these 4.

Be careful what you read folks and who’s tweets you actually believe!




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