What Gio Urshela’s Amazing Play is Setting Up!

As Gio Urshella continues to play amazingly well for the Yankees he is setting something up almost no Yankee fans sees coming.

Is Gio Urshela turning Miguel Andujar into trade bait for the Yankees?

He’s setting the Yankees up as the PERFECT TRADE PARTNER for the Rockies and the inevitable Nolan Arenado trade.

Remember the Rockies demanded a REPLACEMENT 3B, Catcher, RH hitting OF and young pitching for Arenado. Exactly what the YANKEES have to offer.

The Replacement 3B being Gio Urshella due to his unbelievable play.

The Catcher being Kyle Higashioka.

The RH outfielder being Trey Amburgey or Clint Frazier.

The Young Pitching being Miguel Yajure, Nick Nelsen, Brooks Kristy, Albert Abreu, Deivi Garcia, ETC, ETC, ETC.

If Gio has a absolutely amazing year there’s no point to such a trade but as of right now his year is just good enough it has the rockies attention.

The Rockies are very quietly scouting Gio Urshella.

So when could such a trade go down? Very hard to say but…

The Rockies are 5-2 and unless they collapse and are below .500 as the trade deadline approaches its not happening till this coming offseason.

I personally see no way the Rockies keep winning. They don’t have the pitching or hitting outside Blackmon and Arenado.

For now let’s keep cheering Gio on to amazing things and the Rockies to lose as a major trade is perfectly setting up here.








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