Gardner and Torres are Costing the Yankees a Games. Yankees MUST Act Now to Fix the Issue!

Last nights game, while blatantly rigged by the umpires, can also be solely blamed on the cancer Brett Gardner and a very good player in Gleyber Torres who is blatantly out of position at SS.

Gardner wasted 4, FOUR key AB’s yesterday when he could’ve driven in Runs or set up the scoring perfectly! The Yankees have no choice but to act now to fix this issue. DFA THIS FREAKIN BUMB CANCER ASAP AND MOVE ON ALREADY! This one is so freakin easy!

The other one with Torres is not that easy at all. This one will take guts and willingness to make GUTSY moves.

Gleyber (Gleh-ber or GLEE-ber. There is no A sound) Torres simply cannot play SS any more!

All you had to do in watch last nights game to see he has become a cancer defensively at SS. He was fine as a 2B but a cancer at SS.

The Yankees need to call the Rockies, WHO ARE FLAT OUT TERRIBLE, ASAP and trade for Star SS Trevor Story.

Yes Story is available as a Rockies source told me this morning:

“The Rockies are definitely open to moving him before he hits FA. Definitely willing to listen to any offer!”

So the Yankees need to call the Rockies up and make a quick offer! Something like (the recently DFA’d) Thairo Estrada, RHP Clarke Schmidt, and RHP Brooke Kriske, and land him.

The 2nd part is trade Gleyber Torres for Josh Hader, Luis Castillo, OR EVEN BETTER… Joey Gallo (All the Yankees have to do is call up the Rangers and offer it and its getting done).

Its time to move on. The Yankees cannot keep running such cancer’s out onto the field like this.

If the Yankees plan on winning titles then Torres AT MINIMUM has to change positions, and if not get traded, along with, most especially Brett Gardner HAS TO GO ASAP! They will never win a title till this is addressed!

Torres’ lazy 3 hops before throwing throws are a cancer! Gardner’s inability to hit especially when needed is a cancer! Defensively, Gardner has already let 3 balls fall this year that any other OF gets too, with all causing runs. 5 total. HE’S A CANCER ALL AROUND!

The Yankees have to move now and fast. Odor will only fix so much.

Even Ken Rosenthal is saying the Yankees need to move on at SS and the Rockies are waiting for the call from the Yankees to start negotiations on Story:

Bare in mind if Ken Rosenthal is saying this the Yankees have already started the process of getting another SS.

Its not just Ken Rosenthal, Opposing team execs are alarmed at Torres’ defense:

They also said Trevor Story is the target:

The Yankees have no choice now! Their hands are forced. Gardner is as blatant a liability as they come! Both Gardner and Torres are cancer’s to this team to the point it can be said if neither play last night the Yankees EASILY win!

Make the necessary moves and move on Yankees! Torres back to 2B is one thing but keeping him at SS is brain dead! Same with keeping Gardner at all! Its time to make the necessary moves!

Especially with a Gold Glove star SS who bats well over .300 currently available. There’s simply no excuses for the Yankees! DO. IT. NOW.!








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